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a little, a long time, a lot, abandon, abandonment, abbey, abbot, abbreviate, abdicate, abduct, abhor, abhorrence, ability, abject, ablaze, be, able, abnormal, abolish, aborigines, abort, abortion, abound, about, above, abridge, abroad, abrupt, abruptly, abscess, absence, absent, absent (from oneself), absent minded, absent mindedness, absolute, absolutely, absolve, absorb, abstain, abstract, absurd, abundance, abundant, abuse, abusive, abusively, academy, accelerate, accent, accept, acceptable, acceptance, accident, accidental, accidentally, acclaim, acclamation, accommodate, accommodation, accompany, accomplice, accomplish, accord, accordance with, in, according to, account, accountant, accumulate, accuracy, accurate, accurately, accusation, accuse, accuser, accusers, accustom, accustomed, get, ache, achieve, achievement, aching, achy, acid, acidic, acknowledge, acorn, acquaint, acquaintance, acquire, acquit, acquittal, across, act, action, active, actively, activity, actor, actors, actress, actresses, actual, adapt, add, addict, addition, additional, address, addressee, adept, adequate, adhesive, adjacent, adjective, adjust, administer, administration, administrations, administrator, administrators, admirable, admiral, admiration, admire, admission, admit, admonish, adolescence, adolescent, adopt, adorable, adore, adorn, adulate, adult, adulterate, adultery, advance, advanced, advantage, adventure, adverb, adversary, adverse, adversity, advertise, advertisement, advice, advise, adviser, advocate, advocator, aerate, aeroplane, afar, affable, affair, affect, affection, affectionate, affinity, affirm, affirmable, affirmably, affirmative, affix, afflict, afflicted, affliction, afford, affordable, affront, aflame, afoot, afraid, be, after, afternoon, afterwards, again, against, age, aged, agency, agenda, agent, aggregate, aggression, agile, agility, agitate, agitation, ago, agony, agree, agreeable, agreement, agricultural, agriculture, ahead, aid


babble, baboon, baby, bachelor, back, back (body), back (return), back away, back, go, back, take, background, backing, backward, bad, bad luck, badge, bag, baggage, bait, bake, baker, baker's shop, bakery, balance, balcony, bald, ball, bamboo, ban, banal, banana, band, bandage, bandit, bang, bang on, banish, bank, banker, banknote, bankrupt, be, baptism, bar, barbarian, barbed wire, barber, bare, barefoot, bargain, barge, bark, barley, barn, barometer, barrel, barren, barrier, barring, barrister, barter, base, baseless, basic, basil, basin, basis, basket, bastard, bat, batch, bath, bathe, bathroom, baton, battalion, battery, battle, battlefield, bay, bayonet, bazaar, be, be (descriptive), be (present), beach, bead, beam, bean, beans, beans stew, bear, bear out, beard, beast, beat, beautiful, beauty, because, become, become rich, bed, bedroom, bee, beech, beef, beef stew, beehive, beer, beet, beetle, befall, befit, before, before long, beforehand, befriend, beg, beggar, begin, beginner, beginning, behalf, behave, behavior, behead, behind, being, belief, believe, belittle, bell, bellows, belly, belong, belong to, beloved, below, belt, bench, bend, bend down, beneath, benefit, benevolence, benevolent, berry, beseech, beside, besides, best, best man, bet, betray, betrayal, better, between, beverage, bewail, beware, beyond, bias, bible, bicker, bicycle, bid, bier, big, big finger, big toe, bigot, bile, bill, billiards, billion, bind, biography, biology, bird, birth, birth, give, birthday, biscuit, bishop, bit, bitch, bite, bitter, bizarre, black, black pepper, blackbird, blackboard, blacksmith, bladder, blade, blame, blank, blanket, blaze, bleat (from a sheep)


cab, cabbage, cable, cactus pear, cage, cake, calculate, calculation, calculator, calendar, calf, call, calm, camel, camera, camp, campaign, campus, can, canal, cancel, cancer, candid, candle, candy, cane, cannon, canoe, canon, canvas, cap, capable, capacity, cape, capital, capitalism, captain, capture, car, caravan, carbon paper, card, card game, cardboard, cardinal, care, care for, career, careful, carefully, carefulness, careless, caress, caretaker, carpenter, carpet, carriage, carrot, carry, carry on, carry out, cart, cartridge, carve, case, cash, cashier, casing, cask, cast, castle, casual, cat, catch, catch again, category, cater, caterpillar, cathedral, Catholic, Catholicism, cattle, cauliflower, cause, caution, cautious, cavalry, cave, cease, ceiling, celebrate, celebrated, celebration, celery, cement, cemetery, censor, census, cent, center, centimetre, central, centre, centre of the eye, century, cereal, ceremony, certain, certainly, certainty, certificate, certify, cesspool, chaff, chain, chair, chairman, chalk, challenge, chameleon, champion, chance, change, channel, chant, chaos, chapel, chaplain, chapter, char, character, charcoal, charge, charge, in, charity, charm, charming, charter, chase, chasm, chaste, chat, chatter, chatter box, chauffeur, cheap, cheat, check, cheek, cheer, cheer up, cheerful, cheerfulness, cheese, chemical, chemistry, cheque, cherish, cherry tree, chest, chest of drawers, chestnut, chestnut tree, chew, chick, chicken, chicken stew, chickpeas, chide, chief, chiefly, child, childhood, childish, chill, chilly, chimney, chimney sweep, chin, chisel, chocolate, choice, choir, choke, choose, chop, chorus, christ, christen, Christian, Christianity, Christmas, chronic, church, church tower, cigarette, cinder, cinema, circle, circular


dad, daddy, dagger, daily, dairy, dam, damage, damn, damp, dance, dancing, danger, dangerous, dare, dark, darken, darkness, darling, darn, dash, date, dates, daughter, daughter-in-law, dawn, day, daytime, dead, dead body, deadline, deaf, deafness, deal, dealer, dear, death, debate, debris, debt, debtor, decay, decease, deceased, deceit, deceive, December, decent, deception, deceptive, decide, decision, deck, declaration, declare, decline, decorate, decoration, decorative, decrease, decree, dedicate, deduct, deduction, deed, deep, deer, defeat, defeated person, defect, defence, defend, defender, deference, deficiency, deficient, deficit, define, definite, definition, deforest, defy, degrade, degree, delay, delegate, delegation, delete, delicate, delicious, delight, delighted (be), deliver, delivery, delivery man, delusion, demand, democracy, democratic, demolish, demon, demonstrate, demonstration, den, denial, denounce, dense, dental, dentist, deny, depart, departing ticket, department, departure, depend on, dependable, dependent, deposit, depress, depression, deprivation, deprive, depth, deputy, descend, descendants, describe, description, desert, deserve, deserving, design, designer, desire, desk, despair, desperate, desperation, despise, despot, despotism, destination, destiny, destitute, destroy, destruction, destructive, detach, detail, detain, detention, determination, determine, determined, detest, devastate, develop, development, deviate, device, devil, devious, devise, devotion, devout, dew, diabolic, diagram, dial, diameter, diamond, diary, dictate, dictation, dictator, dictatorship, dictionary, die, diet, differ, difference, different, difficult, difficultly, difficulty, dig, digestion, digestive system, dignity, dilemma, diligence, diligent, dilute, dim, dimensions, diminish, dine, dining room, dinner, dip, diploma


each, eager, eagle, ear, early, earn, earnest, earring, earth, earthquake, ease, easily, easiness, east, Easter, easterly, easy, eat, eavesdrop, echo, eclipse, economics, economize, economy, edge, edition, editor, educate, education, effect, effective, effects, efficient, effort, effrontery, egg, egoism, eight, eighteen, eighth grade, eighty, either, eject, elaborate, elapse, elastic, elbow, elder, eldest, elect, election, electric, electrical, electricity, elegant, elementary, elementary school, elephant, elevate, eleven, eleventh grade, eliminate, eloquence, eloquent, else, elsewhere, embarrass, embassy, ember, embitter, emblem, embrace, embroidery, emerge, emergency, emigrate, eminent, emotion, emperor, emphasis, emphasize, empire, employ, employee, employer, employment, empress, empty, enable, encircle, enclose, enclosure, encounter, encourage, encyclopaedia, end, endeavour, ending, endless, endorse, endurance, enemy, energetic, energy, enforce, engage, engaged to (get), engagement, engine, engineer, English, engrave, engraving, enjoy, enjoyment, enlarge, enlighten, enormous, enough, enough, be, enquire, enrich, enrol, enslave, ensure, enter, enterprise, entertain, enthusiasm, entice, entire, entirely, entitle, entrance, entreat, entrust, entry, envelop, envelope, envious, environment, envoy, envy, epidemic, Epiphany, episode, epoch, equal, equality, equally, equator, equip, equipment, equivalent, equivocal, era, eradicate, erase, eraser, erect, erosion, errand, error, escape, escort, especially, espionage, essay, essence, essential, establish, estate, esteem, estimate, etc, eternal, eternity, ethnic, eucalyptus, evacuate, evade, evaluate, evaluation, evangelical, evangelist, evaporate, eve, even, evening, event, ever, everlasting, every, everybody, everyday, everyone, everything, everywhere, evidence, evidence, give


fable, fabric, face, face to face, facilitate, fact, faction, factor, factory, faculty, fade, faded, fail, failed, failure, faint, fair, fairy, faith, faithful, faiy-tale, fall, fall again, fall asleep, fall back, fallow, false, falter, fame, familiar, family, famine, famished, famous, fan, fancy, fantastic, fantasy, far, far-sighted, farce, farewell, farm, farmer, farther, fascinate, fashion, fast, fasten, fat, fatality, fate, father, father-in-law, fatherland, fatigue, fault, favour, favourite, fear, fearful, feast, feather, features, February, fee, feeble, feed, feel, feel sorry, feeling, feign, fell, fellow, fellowship, female, female director, female guard, feminine, fence, ferment, fermentation, fertile, fertilizer, festival, fetch, fetters, feudal, feudalism, fever, feverish, few, fiancé, fiancée, fibre, fiction, field, fierce, fifteen, fifth grade, fifty, fig, fight, fighter, figure, file, fill, fill up, film, filter, filth, final, finally, finance, find, fine, finger, finger nail, finger nails, fingers, finish, fire, firearm, fireman, firm, firmament, firmly, first, first aid, first grade, first name, fish, fish for, fisher, fisherman, fishhook, fist, fit, five, fix, flag, flair, flake, flame, flank, flash, flask, flat, flatten, flatter, flavour, flaw, flea, flee, fleece, fleet, flesh, flexibility, flexible, flight, flimsy, flinch, float, flock, flog, flood, floor, florist, flour, flourish, flow, flower, flu, fluent, fluid, flush, flute, fly, fly away, flying, foam, fodder, foe, fog, foggy, fold, folder, folk, folklore, folktale, follow, following, folly, fond of, be, food, fool, foolish, foolishness, foot, football


gadget, gag, gain, galaxy, gale, gallant, gallery, gallon, gallop, gambler, game, game of chance, gang, gangster, gaol, gap, garage, garbage, garden, garlic, garment, garrison, gas, gasoline, gasp, gate, gather, gather honey, gathering, gay, gaze, gazelle, gem, gender, general, generation, generosity, generous, genial, genius, gentle, gentleman, gentleness, gently, geography, geology, geometrician, geometry, German, gesticulate, gesture, get, get around, get impatient, get used to, get used to someone, ghastly, ghost, giant, gift, gigantic, ginger, giraffe, girdle, girl, girlhood, gist, give, give an airing, give back, glad, gladly, glance, glare, glass, glasses, gleam, glide, glimpse, glitter, global, globe, gloom, gloomy, glorify, glory, glove, glow, glue, glum, glutton, gnash, go, go away, go beyond, go in, goal, goat, God, godchild, goddess, godfather, godmother, godson, goggles, gold, goldsmith, good, good evening, good looking, good morning, good-looking, goodbye, goodnight, goods, goodwill, gorge, gospel, gossip, govern, government, governor, gown, grab, grace, gracious, grade, gradual, graduate, graduated, grain, gram, grammar, gramme, gramophone, granary, grand, grand father, grand mother, granddaughter (daughter), granddaughter (son), grandmother, grandson (daughter), grandson (son), grant, grape, grasp, grass, grasshopper, grateful, gratis, gratitude, grave, gravel, gravity, gray, graze, grazing, grease, great, greatly, greatness, greed, green, green beans, green cabbage, green collards, green mustard, green onion, green pepper, greenery, greet, greeting, grenade, grey, grief, grievance, grieve, grilled meat, grin, grind, grip, groan, grocer, grocery, gross, ground, group, grow, grow old, growl, growth, grudge, grumble, guarantee, guard, guarntee, guess, guest, guide


habit, habitual, hack, hail, hair, hairdresser, half, half year, half-caste, hall, halt, halve, hamlet, hammer, hamper, hand, hand bell, hand-writing, handbook, handful, handicap, handicraft, handkerchief, handle, handshake, handsome, handwriting, hang, hang up, hanging, happen, happiness, happy, harass, harbour, hard, hardly, hardship, hare, harlot, harm, harmful, harmless, harmony, harness, harp, harsh, harvest, harvest grapes, haste, hasten, hasty, hat, hatch, hatchet, hate, hatred, haughty, haul, haunted, have, have fun, hawk, hay, hazard, hazy, he, head, head-master, headache, heading, headline, headmaster, headquarters, heal, healing, health, healthy, heap, hear, hearing, hearsay, heart, hearten, hearth, heat, heater, heathen, heating, heave, heaven, heavenly, heavy, hectic, heed, heel, heels, height, heir, hell, hello, helmet, help, hem, hemisphere, hen, hence, henhouse, her, herald, herb, herd, here, hereby, hereditary, hero, heroic, heroine, hers, herself, hesitate, hesitation, hew, hidden, hide, hideaway, hideous, hiding place, high, high school, higher, highland, highly, highway, hijack, hill, him, himself, hind, hinder, hindrance, hint, hip, hippopotamus, hips, hire, his, history, hit, hitherto, hive, hoard, hoarse, hobo, hoe, hog, hoist, hold, hold up, holdings, hole, holiday, hollow, holy, home, homeland, homeless, homemade leavened bread, homesick, honest, honesty, honey, honey wine, honeymoon, honour, honourable, honourary, hook, hop, hope, hope for, horizon, horizontal, horn, horrible, horrify, horror, horse, horse rider, horsemanship, hose, hospitable, hospital, host, hostage, hostess, hostile, hostility, hot, hotel


I, ice, idea, ideal, identical, identify, identity, ideology, idiom, idiot, idle, idol, if, ignorance, ignorant, ignore, ill, illegal, illness, illuminate, illusion, illustrate, illustration, image, imagination, imagine, imitate, imitation, immediate, immediately, immense, immerse, immigration, imminent, immobile, immoral, impact, impair, impartial, impatient, impatient, get, impede, impediment, imperative, imperialism, imperialist, implement, implicate, implore, imply, import, importance, important, impose, imposing, impossibility, impossible, impound, impoverish, impress, impression, impressive, imprison, imprisonment, improper, improve, improvise, imprudent, impudence, impulse, impure, in, in advance, in front, in front of, in, go, inability, inaccurate, inaugurate, inauguration, inborn, incapable, incense, incentive, inch, incidentally, incite, inclination, incline, include, including, income, inconvenience, incorporate, increase, increment, incursion, indebted, indeed, independence, independent, index, indicate, indication, indifference, indifferent, indigestion, indispensable, individual, industrial, industrial area, industrialist, industry, inept, inevitable, inevitably, infant, infantile, infect, infection, inferior, infidel, infiltrate, infinite, infirm, infirmary, inflame, inflate, inflict, influence, influenza, inform, information, informer, ingratitude, inhabit, inhabitant, inherit, inheritance, inhuman, initial, initiative, injure, injure oneself, injury, injustice, ink, ink-well, inland, inn, inner, innocence, innocent, inquire, inquiry, insane, inscription, insect, insert, inside, insight, insist, insolent, insoluble, inspect, inspection, inspector, instant, instead of, instinct, institute, institution, instruct, instruction, instructive, instrument, insult, insurance, insure, insurgent, intact, integrity, intellect, intellectual, intellecual, intelligence, intelligent, intend, intense, intensify, intensity, intent, intention, interchange, interest, interesting, interior, internal, international, interpret


jackal, jacket, jail, jalapeño pepper, jam, janitor, January, jar, jaw, jazz, jealous, jealousy, jeans, jeer, jest, Jesus Christ, jet, jewel, job, join, joint, jointly, joke, jolly, jostle, journal, journalist, journey, jovial, joy, joyful, judge, judgement, judo, jug, juicy, July, jump, junction, June, jungle, junior, junior high school, junk, jurisprudence, juror, jury, just, justice, justify


keen, keep, kennel, kerb, kerosene, kettle, key, kick, kid, kidnap, kidney, kill, killer, kilo, kilogram, kilometre, kin, kind, kindergarten, kindle, kindly, kindness, kindred, king, kingdom, kingly, kiss, kitchen, kitten, knave, knead, knee, kneel, knew, knife, knight, knit, knock, knot, know, know how to, knowledge, knowledgeable, known


label, laboratory, labour, labourer, lack, lackey, lad, ladder, lady, lag, lair, lake, lamb, lame, lament, lamp, lampshade, lance, land, landlady, landlord, language, languish, lantern, lap, lapse, lard, large, large intestine, largely, lash, last, lasting, latch, late, late, be, latecomer, lateness, latest, latitude, latrine, latter, laugh, laugh, at, laughing stock, laughter, launch, laundry, lavatory, lavish, law, lawsuit, lawyer, lax, lay, lay eggs, layman, laziness, lazy, lead, leader, leaf, leaflet, league, leak, lean, lean on, lean out, leap, learn, learned, lease, least, leat, at, leather, leave, leaven, lecture, lecturer, ledger, left, left, be, leftover, leg, leg muscles, legacy, legal, legend, legiable, legion, legislation, legitimate, legs, leisure, lemon, lemon tree, lend, length, lengthen, leniency, lens, lentils, leopard, leper, leprosy, less, lessen, lesser, lesson, lest, let, letter, letter (alphabet), letter box, lettuce, Levant, level, levy, lewd, liable, liar, liberal, liberate, liberation, liberty, library, license, lick, lid, lie, lieutenant, life, lifelong, lifetime, lift, ligament, light, light up, lighten, lighting, likable, like, likely, likewise, limb, lime, limit, limp, line, linen, linger, linguist, lining, link, linseed, lion, lioness, lip, liquid, list, listen, listen to, liter, literal, literally, literature, litre, little, live, livelihood, lively, liven, liver, livestock, living, living room, lizard, load, loading, loaf, loan, loathe, local, locality, locate, lock, lock up, locomotive, locust, lodge, lofty, log, logic, loin, loiter, loneliness, lonely, long, long sigh, long-lived


machine, machine gun, mad, madam, Madame, madden, madness, magazine, magic, magical, magician, magistrate, magnet, magnificent, magnify, maid, maiden, mail, mailman, maim, main, mainly, maintain, maize, majesty, major, majority, make, make a hole, make bigger, make up, make widely known, malaria, male, malicious, mammal, man, manage, manager, managment, mandate, mandolin, mane, mania, manifest, mankind, manner, mansion, manslaught, mantle, manual, manufacture, manuscript, many, map, marble, march, mare, margin, marine, maritime, mark, market, marriage, married, married (get), marrow, marry, marry off, martyr, marvel, marvellous, masculine, mash, mask, mason, mass, massacre, massage, master, mat, match, mate, material, maternal, mathematics, matter, mattress, mature, maturity, maximum, May, may, maybe, mayor, me, mead, meadow, meagre, meal, mean, meaning, means, meantime, meanwhile, measles, measure, measurement, meat, mechanic, medal, meddle, mediate, medical, medication, medicine, meditate, medium, meek, meet, meeting, melody, melt, melting, member, Member of Parliament, memorize, memory, mend, mental, mentally, mention, merchandise, merchant, merciful, merciless, mercy, merely, merge, merit, merry, mess, message, messenger, metal, metallic, meteorology, meter, method, metre, mice, microbe, microphone, microscope, mid-, midday, middle, middle school, midget, midnight, midst, midwife, might, mighty, migrant, migration, mild, mile, military, milk, milk-man, milk-woman, mill, millet, millimetre, million, mince, mind, mine, mineral, mingle, minimize, minimum, minister, ministry, minor, minority, minus, minute, miracle, mire, mirror, mischief, misdemeanour, miser, miserable, misery, misfortune, misgiving, misjudge


nag, nail, nail-file, naive, naked, name, namely, namesake, nap, nape, napkin, narcotic, narrative, narrow, nasal, nastiness, nasty, nation, national, nationality, nationalize, native, natural, nature, naughty, naval, navel, navigate, navy, near, nearby, nearly, neat, neatness, necessary, necessity, neck, necklace, necktie, need, needle, needy, negative, neglect, negligence, negligent, negotiate, neighbour, neighbourhood, neighbouring, neither, nephew, nephew (brother), nephew (sister), nerve, nerveless, nervous, nest, net, neutral, never, nevertheless, new, New Testament, new year, news, newspaper, next, nib, nice, nickname, niece, niece (brother), niece (sister), night, night-time, nightfall, nightmare, nightstand, nil, nine, nineteen, ninety, ninth, ninth grade, no, nobility, noble, nobody, nod, noise, noisy, nomad, nominal, none, nonetheless, nonsense, noon, noose, nor, normal, north, northern, nose, nostril, not, note, notebook, nothing, notice, notify, notion, notorious, nought, noun, nourish, novel, novelist, November, now, nowadays, noxious, nuisance, numb, number, numeral, numerous, nun, nurse, nut, nutrition, nylon


o'clock, oak, oar, oath, obcenity, obedience, obedient, obey, object, objection, objective, obligation, obligatory, oblige, obscene, obscure, observant, observation, observe, observer, obsession, obsolete, obstacle, obstruct, obstruction, obtain, obvious, occasion, occasional, occasionally, occult, occupation, occupy, occur, ocean, October, oculist, odd, odds, odious, odour, of, off, off, take, offence, offend, offend against, offender, offensive, offer, offering, offhand, office, officer, official, officially, offshoot, offspring, oft, often, oil, ointment, old, old age, Old Testament, olden, older, olive, olive tree, omen, omission, omit, on, on top, once, once again, once, at, one, one time, oneself, onion, onlooker, only, onward, open, opening, openly, opera, operate, operating room, operation, opinion, opponent, opportune, opportunity, oppose, opposite, opposition, oppress, oppression, oppressive, oppressor, optical, option, or, oral, orange, orange juice, orange tree, orator, orbit, orchard, orchestra, ordain, ordeal, order, order, in, orderly, ordinarily, ordinary, organ, organization, organize, Orient, oriental, orientation, origin, original, originally, originate, ornament, orphan, orphanage, orthography, ostrich, other, otherwise, ought, our, ours, ourselves, oust, out, out of tune, out-of-date, outcast, outdated, outdo, outfit, outlaw, outlet, outline, outlook, outnumber, output, outrage, outright, outside, outspoken, outstanding, outward, outwardly, oval, oven, over, overall, overcoat, overcome, overdo, overhear, overlook, overnight, overpower, overrun, overseas, oversee, oversight, overtake, overthrow, overturn, overwork, owe, owing, owl, own, owner, ownership, ox


pace, pacify, pack, package, packet, packing, pact, padlock, pagan, page, pail, pain, pain, be in, painful, paint, painter, painting, pair, pal, palace, palate, pale, pale, go, pallid, palm, palm tree, pamphlet, pan, panic, pant, pants, papaya, paper, parable, parachute, parade, paradise, paragraph, parallel, paralyse, paralysis, parasite, parcel, parchment, pardon, parent, parenthesis, parish, park, parking ticket, parley, parliament, parrot, part, part-time, partake, partial, participant, participate, particular, particularly, particulars, partition, partner, partnership, partridge, party, pass, pass on, passage, passed, passenger, passerby, passion, passive, passport, past, paste, pastime, pastor, pastry, patch, paternal, path, patience, patient, patriarch, patriot, patrol, patron, pattern, pause, pave, pawn, pay, payment, pea, peace, peaceful, peach, peak, peanuts, pearl, peas, peasant, pebble, peck, peculiar, pedestrian, peel, peep, pen, penal, penalize, penalty, pencil, pencil box, pendulum clock, penetrate, peninsula, penitence, penitentiary, penknife, pension, people, pepper, perceive, percent, perception, perfect, perfection, perfectly, perform, performance, perfume, perhaps, peril, perimeter, period, periodical, perish, permanent, permission, permit, perpetual, persecute, persecution, persist, persistent, person, personal, personnel, perspire, perssimist, persuade, persuasion, perverse, pestilence, petition, petrol, petty, pharmacist, pharmacy, philosopher, philosophy, phone, photograph, photographer, phrase, physical, physician, piano, pick, pick up, pick-axe, pickaxe, picture, piece, piecemeal, pierce, pig, pig farm, pigeon, piggy bank, pike, pile, pile up, pilfer, pilgrim, pill, pillage, pillar, pillow, pilot, pin, pincers, pinch, pioneer, pious, pipe


qualification, qualified, qualify, quality, qualm, quantity, quarrel, quarrelsome, quarter, queen, queer, quench, query, quest, question, questionable, questionnaire, queue, quick, quicken, quickly, quickness, quiet, quiet down, quietly, quietness, quintal, quit, quite, quiver, quorum, quota, quotation, quote


rabbit, rabbit hutch, rabid, rabies, race, racial, radiant, radiator, radical, radio, raffle, rag, rage, raid, rail, railway, rain, rainbow, raincoat, raise, raisins, rake, rally, Ram, ram, ranch, rancour, random, at, range, rank, ransack, rape, rapid, rapidly, rare, rarely, rascal, rash, rat, rate, rather, ration, rational, rattle, ravage, rave, raven, raw, ray, raze, razor, reach, react, read, read again, reader, reading, ready, real, reality, realize, really, reap, rear, reason, reasonable, reasoning, reassure, rebel, rebellion, rebuke, recall, receipt, receive, recent, recently, reception, recess, recite, reckless, recline, recluse, recognize, recollect, recollection, recommend, recommendation, recompense, reconcile, reconciliation, record, recover, recovery, recreation, rectangle, rectify, red, red chili pepper, redeem, redress, reduce, reduction, reed, reel, refer, referee, reference, refine, refinery, reflect, reflection, reform, refrain, refresh, refreshment, refrigerator, refuge, refugee, refund, refusal, refuse, regain, regard, regarding, regent, regime, regiment, region, register, registration, regret, regrettable, regular, regulate, regulation, rehearsal, rehearse, reign, reimburse, rein, reinforce, reiterate, reject, rejoice, rejoin, relate, relation, relative, relativly, relax, relaxation, relay, release, relevant, reliable, reliance, relief, relieve, religion, religious, rely, remain, remainder, remains, remark, remarkable, remedy, remember, remembrance, remind, reminder, remit, remnant, remorse, remorseless, remote, remove, rend, render, renegade, renew, renounce, renown, renowned, rent, reorganize, repair, repeal, repeat, repeatedly, repel, repent, repentance, repetition, replace, replacement, reply, report, represent, representative


sabotage, sack, sacrament, sacred, sacrifice, sad, saddle, sadness, safe, safety, safguard, sage, sail, sailing ship, sailor, saint, sake, salad, salary, sale, saliva, salt, salvation, same, sample, sanctify, sand, sandal, sane, sanitary, sanity, Satan, satiate, satisfaction, satisfactory, satisfy, Saturday, sauce, saucer, sausage, savage, save, save up, saving, saviour, saw, saw off, say, say again, saying, scald, scales, scandal, scant, scapegoat, scar, scarce, scarcity, scare, scarf, scatter, scene, scent, sceptical, schedule, scheme, scholar, scholarship, school, school teacher, schoolboy, schoolgirl, schoolmate, science, scientific, scientist, scissors, scold, scope, scorch, score, scorn, scorpion, scoundrel, scourge, scout, scramble, scrap, scrape, scratch, scream, screen, screwdriver, scribble, script, Scriptures, scrub, scruple, scrupulous, scrutinize, scuffle, sculpture, scum, sea, seal, seam, search, seashore, season, seasoning, seat, secluded, seclusion, second, second grade, secondary, secondary school, secondhand, secrecy, secret, secretary, secretly, sect, section, secular, secure, security, seduce, see, seed, seek, seem, segregate, seize, seldom, select, selection, self, self confidence, self control, selfish, sell, seller, semester, seminar, senate, send, send someone to do something, send to sleep, sender, senior, sensation, sensational, sense, senseless, sensibility, sensible, sensitive, sentence, sentiment, sentry, separate, separately, separation, September, serenity, serf, sergeant, serious, seriously, sermon, servant, serve, service, servile, servitude, session, set, set right, set up, set up again, setback, settle, settle down, settlement, seven, seventeen, seventh, seventh grade, seventy, sever, several, severe, severity, sew, sewage, sewing, sewing machine, sex, shabby


table, tablecloth, tablet, taboo, tact, tactics, tail, tailor, take, take down, take off, take off one's hat, take off one's hat, take over, tale, talent, talk, talk to each other, talkative, tall, tan, tangled, tank, tap, tape, target, tariff, tart, task, taste, tasteless, tattoo, tavern, tax, taxation, taxi, tea, teach, teacher, team, teapot, tear, tear up, tears, tease, teaspoon, teat, technical, technician, technique, technology, tedious, teem, teeth, teff, telegram, telegraph, telephone, telescope, television, tell, temerity, temper, temperament, temperature, tempest, temple, temporal, temporalis muscle, temporary, tempt, temptation, ten, tenacious, tenacity, tenant, tend, tendency, tender, tendon, tennis, tense, tension, tent, tenth, tenth grade, term, terminate, termite, terrain, terrible, terrific, terrify, territory, terror, terrorist, terrorize, test, testament, testicle, testify, testimony, text, textbook, textiles, thank, thank you, thankful, thankless, thanks, that, thatched cottage, thaw, the, theatre, theft, their, theirs, them, theme, themselves, then, thence, thenceforth, theology, theory, there, thereafter, therefore, thermometer, these, they, thick, thicken, thief, thieving, thigh, thin, thing, think, think up, third, third grade, thirst, thirsty, thirteen, thirty, this, thorn, thorny, thorough, thoroughfare, those, thought, thoughtful, thoughtless, thousand, thrash, thread, threadbare, threat, threaten, three, thresh, threshing floor, threshold, thrifty, thrilled, be, thrive, throat, throne, throng, through, throughout, throw, throw back, thrust, thumb, thunder, thunderbolt, Thursday, thus, ticket, tickle, tide, tidiness, tidings, tidy, tie, tiger, tight, tighten, tile, till, tiller, tilt, timber, time, time allowed, timetable


ugly, ulcer, ultamately, ultimate, umbrella, umpire, unable, unanimous, unarmed, unavoidable, unbearable, unbecoming, unbiased, uncertain, uncle, uncle (father's side), uncle (father's side), uncle (mother's side), uncle (mother's side), unclean, uncommon, unconscious, under, underbred, underclothes, underdog, underestimate, undergo, underhand, undermine, underneath, underpants, underpin, understand, understanding, understood, undertake, undiluted, undo, undoing, undoubtedly, undue, unearth, uneasy, uneven, unexpected, unfair, unfit, unfortunate, unfounded, ungrateful, unhand, unhappy, unification, uniform, unify, union, unique, unit, unite, united, unity, universal, universe, university, unknown, unlawful, unleash, unless, unlikely, unload, unlucky, unmarried, unnecessary, unpleasant, unpopular, unquestionable, unrest, unroll, unruly, unselfish, unstable, unstick, untie, until, untold, untoward, unusual, unwind, unwise, unworthy, up, up to, up, get, up, give, up-to-date, upbraid, upbringing, upgrade, uphill, uphold, upkeep, upon, upper, upper arms muscles, upright, uprising, uproar, uproot, upset, upside-down, upstairs, upward, urban, urge, urgency, urgent, urgently, urine, us, usage, use, used, useful, useless, usual, usually, usurer, usury, uterus, utility, utmost, utterly


vacancy, vacant, vacate, vacation, vaccine, vagabond, vague, vain, valid, valley, valuable, value, van, vanish, vanity, variable, variance, variation, varied, variety, various, varnish, vary, vase, vast, vat, vegetable, vegetable stew, vegetables, vegetation, vehicle, veil, vein, venom, ventilate, verb, verbal, verdict, verge, verification, verify, vermin, verse, version, versus, vertical, very, very much, vessel, vest, veteran, veterinarian, veterinary, vex, vexation, via, vice, vicious, victim, victor, victory, view, viewpoint, vigil, vigilance, vigour, vile, villa, village, villain, vine, vinegar, violence, violent, violet, violin, viper, virgin, Virgin Mary, virtue, visa, visible, visibly, vision, visit, visitor, visual, vital, vitamin, vivid, vocabulary, vocation, voice, void, volcano, volume, voluntary, volunteer, vomit, vote, voucher, vow, voyage, vulgar, vulture


wage, wagon, waif, wail, waist, wait, waiter, waiting room, waitress, waive, wake, wake up, walk, walker, wall, wallet, wander, wanderer, wandering, wane, want, wanton, war, ward, ward off, warden, wardrobe, warehouse, wares, warfare, warm, warmly, warmth, warn, warning, warrior, warship, was aware of, wash, wash oneself, wasp, waste, wastebasket, watch, watchman, water, water melon, water spray, water well, water-closet, waterfall, waterproof, wave, waver, wax, way, way down, waylay, we, weak, weakeling, weaken, weakness, wealth, wealthy, weapon, wear, wear out, weariness, wearisome, weary, weather, weave, weaver, web, wed, wedding, wedding ring, wedge, wedlock, Wednesday, wednesday, weed, week, weekday, weekend, weekly, weep, weigh, weight, weighty, weird, welcome, welcome, be, weld, welfare, well, well-being, well-bred, well-off, well-to-do, west, western, wet, whack, whale, what, wheat, wheel, when, whenever, where, whereabout, wherever, whether, which, while, whip, whirlwind, whisk, whiskers, whisper, whistle, white, whiten, whiteness, whitewash, who, whole, wholeheartedly, wholesale, wholesome, wholly, whom, whooping cough, whose, why, wicked, wickedness, wide, widely, widen, widespread, widow, widowed, widower, width, wife, wild, wild beasts, wild boar, wilderness, wildlife, wile, will, willing, willingness, willy-nilly, wily, win, wind, window, windstorm, wine, wine-harvest, wing, wink, winner, winter, wintery, wipe, wire, wisdom, wise, wish, wish for, wit, witch, witchcraft, with, withdraw, wither, withhold, within, without, witness, witty, wizard, wolf, woman, womb, wonder, wonderful, wood, woodcutter, wooden, wool, woollen, word, work


yard, yarn, yawn, year, yearly, yearn, yeast, yell, yellow, yes, yesterday, yet, yield, yogurt, yoke, you, young, younger, youngest, youngster, your, yours, yourself, youth


zeal, zealous, zebra, zero, zigzag, zinc, zip, zipper, zone, zoo, zoology, zucchini

ሀንዛ, ሀዉኽ

ሂወታዊ, ሂወት

ሃለቐ, ሃለወ, ሃለዋት ኣጥፈአ, ሃለው ምባል, ሃለው በለ, ሃሊቃ, ሃላይ, ሃልሃል በለ, ሃልሃል ዝበለ, ሃልሃልታ, ሃመማ, ሃረመ, ሃረም, ሃረር በለ, ሃረርታ, ሃረርታ ዕቤት, ሃረሰ, ሃሩር, ሃሪ, ሃርጥ, ሃሰሰ, ሃሰየ, ሃሳስ, ሃሳስ ሕብሪ, ሃሳዪ, ሃሳይ, ሃቀነ, ሃበ, ሃባ, ሃብ, ሃብሮም, ሃብተመ, ሃብቲ, ሃብቲ ሃገር, ሃብታም, ሃተውቀጠው, ሃታፍ, ሃነም እሳት, ሃነጸ, ሃናን, ሃናጺ, ሃንቀውታ, ሃንደሰ, ሃንደበታዊ, ሃንደበታዊ ወረራ, ሃንደበት, ሃንዳፍ, ሃካይ, ሃወኸ, ሃዋህው, ሃዋርያ, ሃዋኺ, ሃውተተ, ሃይማኖታዊ, ሃይማኖት, ሃደመ, ሃደነ, ሃደደ, ሃዳናይ, ሃድአ, ሃገረ, ሃገረ ሰብ, ሃገረሰብ, ሃገራት ምብራቕ, ሃገራዊ, ሃገራዊ መዝሙር, ሃገር, ሃጓፍ, ሃጸያዊ, ሃጸይ, ሃጸይነት, ሃፈፈ, ሃፋ, ሃፋ ዀነ

ህሉው, ህላዌ, ህልም በለ, ህልቂ, ህልኸኛ, ህልኽ, ህልዊ, ህልውና, ህም, ህረርታ, ህሩፍ, ህራይ በላ, ህርኩት, ህርፋን, ህሱይ, ህበይ, ህብረት, ህብሮም, ህቦብላ, ህንጡይ, ህንጥይና, ህንጻ, ህንጻ መንግስቲ, ህኩይ, ህዉከት, ህዉኸ, ህዉኽ, ህውከት, ህውከት ኣለዓዓለ, ህዝቢ, ህዝቢ ኣከበ, ህዝባዊ, ህያብ, ህያው, ህያው ዝዀነ ፍጡር, ህይወት, ህይወት ሃበ, ህይወት ዘለዎ, ህዱእ, ህዱእ ንፋስ, ህድማ, ህድኣት, ህጁም, ህጉም, ህጹጽ

ሆስፒታል, ሆተል, ሆቴል

ለለየ, ለሓሰ, ለሓዀ, ለሓገ, ለሓጸ, ለመመ, ለመምታ, ለመሰ, ለመነ, ለመደ, ለመጸ, ለሚን, ለማሚ, ለማኒ, ለማጻይ, ለምዒ, ለምጺ, ለምጻም, ለሰ, ለቀብ ኣበለ, ለቐመ, ለቐቐ, ለቒቑ ኸደ, ለቕሓ, ለቘታ, ለበሰ, ለበዋ, ለባም, ለብለበ, ለተር, ለኣኸ, ለከመ, ለካቲት, ለክዐ, ለኸየ, ለኻት, ለወሰ, ለወየ, ለወጠ, ለዋህ, ለዋወጠ, ለዋይ, ለውሃት, ለውሃት ልቢ, ለውጡ, ለውጢ, ለዓለ, ለዘበ, ለይቲ, ለይታዊ -, ለገሰ, ለገበ, ለጋስ, ለጐመ, ለጠፈ, ለጥ ዝበለ

ሉል, ሉከቶ, ሉኹሉ

ሊላ, ሊቀ መንበር, ሊቀ ጳጳሳት, ሊቅ, ሊቅነት, ሊቕ, ሊተር, ሊትሮ, ሊኖ

ላህመት, ላህታት, ላማ, ላም, ላምባ, ላምፓዲና, ላስቲክ, ላንግላንጋ, ላዕለዋይ, ላዕለዋይ ምዃን, ላዕሊ, ላዕላይ, ላዕላይ ላዕላዩ, ላዕላይ ወገን, ላዕላይ ደረጃ, ላዕላይ ደርቢ, ላዕላይ ጭሕሚ, ላግጺ, ላጸየ, ላጻያይ

ሌላ, ሌተና

ልሕሉሕ, ልሕጺ, ልመና, ልሙስ, ልሙዳዊ, ልሙድ, ልሙድ ነገር, ልሙድ ኣሰራርሓ, ልሙድ ዓዳጊ, ልሙጽ, ልማኖ, ልማድ, ልምሉም, ልምምድ, ልምዲ, ልምዲ ስራሕ, ልምዲ ዕዮ, ልምዳዊ, ልምድ, ልሳን, ልስሉስ, ልቓሕ, ልቡ ዚፈልጥ, ልቡጥ, ልቢ, ልቢ ወለድ, ልቢ ዚነክእ, ልቢወለድ, ልባስ, ልባዊ, ልብ ወለድ, ልብ ዝጠፍኦ, ልብሲ, ልቦና, ልኡኸ, ልኡኸ መንግስቲ, ልኡኽ, ልኡኽ ወንጌል, ልኡኽ ጋዜጣ, ልክዓዊ, ልክዕ, ልክዕነት, ልኻይ, ልውህና, ልውውጥ, ልዑል, ልዓት, ልዕሊ, ልዕሊ ኹኡ, ልዕሊ-, ልዕልቲ, ልዕልና, ልዙብ, ልዝብ, ልደት, ልደት ክርስቶስ, ልዳት, ልግሲ, ልግጫ, ልጓም

ሎሚ, ሎሚ ለይቲ, ሎሚ ምሸት, ሎም ዘበን, ሎምዘበን, ሎተሪ, ሎጂክ

ሐምሊ ኣድሪ, ሐብአ, ሐንጎል, ሐገዝ, ሐጋዚት

ሑአታ, ሑጡብ, ሑጻ

ሒላብ, ሒዅ በለ, ሒደት

ሓለመ, ሓለቓ, ሓለቓ ሚእቲ, ሓለቓ ስራሕ, ሓለቓ ሸቃሎ, ሓለቓ ሺሕ, ሓለቓ ዓሰርተ, ሓለቓ ጋንታ, ሓለቓ ጋዜጣ, ሓለቓ ጐሓሉ, ሓለበ, ሓለነ, ሓለንጊ, ሓለንጋይ, ሓለወ, ሓለዋ, ሓለዋ ስርዓት, ሓለዋት, ሓለውቲ, ሓለየ, ሓለፈ, ሓለፋ, ሓሊፈ, ሓላለኸ, ሓላዊ, ሓላዊት, ሓላው ማዕጾ, ሓላው ርሻን, ሓላፊ, ሓላፊት, ሓላፍ መገዲ, ሓላፍነት, ሓልዮት ኣምላኽ, ሓመመ, ሓመኹሽታይ, ሓመየ, ሓመድ, ሓመድ ደበየ, ሓመድ ድበ, ሓሙ, ሓሙስ, ሓሙሻይ ክፍሊ, ሓሙሽተ, ሓሙኹሽቲ, ሓማት, ሓማዪ, ሓምለ, ሓምሊ, ሓምላይ, ሓምሳ, ሓምሸሸ, ሓምበሰ, ሓምተለ, ሓምኩሽቲ, ሓምኹሽቲ, ሓሞት, ሓረረ, ሓረሰ, ሓረሰት, ሓረስታይ, ሓረቐ, ሓረየ, ሓረደ, ሓረጀ, ሓረግ, ሓረጣ, ሓረጻ, ሓሪር, ሓሪጭ, ሓራ, ሓራ መንግስቲ, ሓራም, ሓራሲት መኪና, ሓራቕ, ሓራቖ, ሓራድ ስጋ, ሓራጅ, ሓር ቖት, ሓርሓረ, ሓርማዝ, ሓርነት, ሓርነኸ, ሓርገጽ, ሓርፋፍ, ሓሰማ, ሓሰር, ሓሰር ንፋይ, ሓሰበ, ሓሰኻ, ሓሰኽሰኽ በለ, ሓሰወ, ሓሳረ መከራ, ሓሳባት, ሓሳብ, ሓሳብ ሓበ, ሓሳብ ገለጸ, ሓሳኽ, ሓሳዊ, ሓሶት, ሓሸሸ, ሓሻሽ, ሓቀነ, ሓቀኛ, ሓቂ, ሓቂ መሰል, ሓቂ ዚመስል, ሓቂ ዚዛረብ, ሓቐቐ, ሓቒቕ, ሓቓዊ, ሓቖነ, ሓቘነ, ሓቘፈ, ሓበለ, ሓበረ, ሓበረታ, ሓበራ, ሓበሬታ, ሓበሰ, ሓበን, ሓበጠ, ሓቢሉ ኣእተወ, ሓባሪ, ሓብሓበ, ሓብቲ, ሓብቲ ሰበይቱ, ሓብአ, ሓቦ, ሓተመ, ሓተተ, ሓቲቱ መርመረ, ሓታቲ, ሓትነ, ሓትኖ, ሓነቐ, ሓነኸ, ሓኑቑ ቐተለ, ሓናኒት, ሓናኽ, ሓናኽ ምዃን, ሓንሳእ, ሓንከሰ, ሓንካስ, ሓንካሾ, ሓንኰለ, ሓንጎል, ሓንጠጠ, ሓንጸጸ, ሓንፈጠ, ሓንፈጽ, ሓከመ, ሓኪም, ሓኪም ስኒ, ሓኪም ኣእምሮ, ሓኪም እንስሳ, ሓኪም ዓይኒ, ሓኸኸ, ሓኾረ, ሓዀረ, ሓወ, ሓወልቲ, ሓወሰ, ሓወቦ, ሓወየ, ሓዊ, ሓዊ ኣጐደ, ሓዋወሰ, ሓው, ሓውሲ ኸቢብ, ሓውሲ ደሴት, ሓውቲ, ሓዘ, ሓዘነ, ሓዘን, ሓየለ, ሓየረ, ሓየኸ, ሓያል, ሓያል ነገር, ሓያል ግብሪ, ሓያሎ, ሓያሎ ሳዕ, ሓያሎይ, ሓይሊ, ሓይሊ መብረቕ, ሓይሊ ምስሓብ, ሓይሊ ባሕሪ, ሓይሊ ኤለክትሪክ, ሓይሲ ዘረባ, ሓይዝሎ, ሓደ, ሓደ ሰብ, ሓደ ነገር, ሓደ ንሓደ, ሓደ እዋን, ሓደ ዓይነት, ሓደ ድምጺ, ሓደ ግዜ, ሓደራ, ሓደኳ

ሕሉፍ, ሕላል, ሕልሚ, ሕልና, ሕልኩስ, ሕልኽልኽ, ሕልኽልኽ ዝበለ, ሕልፊ, ሕመት, ሕሙም, ሕሙኽሽታይ, ሕማም, ሕማም ለገቦ, ሕማም መጻጕዕ, ሕማም ምትሕልላፍ, ሕማም ምትንፋስ, ሕማም ረስኒ, ሕማም ርእሲ, ሕማም ሳምብእ, ሕማም ስኒ, ሕማም ተላገብ, ሕማም ውጽኣት, ሕማም ዓቢ, ሕማም ፈራ, ሕማቅ ዕድል, ሕማቕ, ሕማቕ መልክዕ, ሕማቕ ሰብ, ሕማቕ ትምኒት, ሕማቕ ነገር, ሕማቕ ዕድል, ሕማቕ ግዜ, ሕማቕ ጨና, ሕምባሲ, ሕምባሻ, ሕምብርቲ, ሕሩም, ሕሩይ, ሕራይ, ሕራይ በለ, ሕርሚ, ሕርሲ, ሕርሻ, ሕርሻዊ, ሕርቃን, ሕሰር ንፋይ, ሕሱም, ሕሱር, ሕሳስ ልደ, ሕሳብ, ሕሳብ ዝፈልጥ, ሕሹኽ በለ, ሕሹኽሹኽ, ሕሹኽሹኽ በለ, ሕሻሽ, ሕቆ, ሕቝፊ, ሕበጥ, ሕቡራት, ሕቡር, ሕቡስ, ሕቡን, ሕቡእ, ሕብ, ሕብረተ ሰብ, ሕብረተሰብኣዊነት, ሕብረት, ሕብረት ሰብ, ሕብሪ, ሕብሪ ለኸየ, ሕብሪ ዘይብሉ, ሕብራዊ, ሕብስቲ, ሕብስቲ ዚስንከቶ ቤት, ሕብእብእ ዘይብሉ, ሕታም, ሕቶ, ሕነ, ሕነ ምፍዳይ, ሕነ ፈደየ, ሕንቁቕ, ሕንቅሕንቅሊተይ, ሕንባሻ, ሕንከት, ሕንዚ, ሕንጉጉ, ሕንግድ, ሕንጢል ሕንጥሊቶ, ሕንጻይ, ሕንጻጽ, ሕንፍ ሽፍሽ, ሕንፍሽፍሽ, ሕክምና, ሕክምና ኣእምሮ, ሕክምና እንስሳ, ሕዋስ, ሕውስዋስ, ሕውነታዊ, ሕዘን, ሕዙን, ሕዛእቲ ንግዲ, ሕያዋይ, ሕያውነት, ሕደ, ሕዱር, ሕዳር, ሕድሪ, ሕድሪ ሃበ, ሕድርቲ, ሕጂ, ሕጅሕጂ, ሕጉስ, ሕጊ, ሕጊ ቤተ ክርስትያን, ሕጊ ዘይዓግቶ, ሕጋዊ, ሕጋዊ ዘይኰነ, ሕጥእ, ሕጸ, ሕጹር ደምበ, ሕጹይ, ሕጺቲ, ሕጻብ ወዘተ, ሕጻን, ሕጻንነት, ሕጽኒ, ሕጽኖት, ሕፍረት, ሕፍኒ

መሃምራን, መሃረ, መሃንድስ, መሃዘ, መሃዚ, መሃዛ, መሃያ, መህደር ኣጋይሽ, መለሰ, መለሸ, መለቅሒ, መለቐ, መለቘ, መለንዛና, መለአ, መለክዒ, መለክዒ ረሰኒ, መለክዒ ፈሳሲ, መለኮታዊ, መለኮታዊ ሓድሊ, መለኮት, መለኸ, መለኸት, መለወጢ, መለዓዓል ነገር, መላልስ, መላመዲ, መላሳይ, መላኺ, መላገቢ, መላገጺ, መላጸ, መልህቕ, መልሓስ, መልሲ, መልቀስ, መልአ, መልኣኽ, መልእኸቲ, መልእኽተኛ, መልእኽቲ, መልክዕ, መልክዕ ምድሪ, መልክዕ ኣብላሸወ, መልጎም, መሓለ, መሓለውታ, መሓምበሲ, መሓረ, መሓሪ, መሓሰበት, መሓበሪ, መሓበሻ, መሓንኰሊ, መሓንጸጺ, መሓወ, መሓውር, መሓውር እንስሳ, መሓዛ, መሕለፊ, መሕለፍ ግዜ, መሕረሲት, መሕረጢ, መሕረጺ, መሕብኢ, መሕደር ኣጋይሽ, መሕጸቢ ቤት, መሕጸቢ ኣካላት, መሕጸብ ስኒ, መሕጸብ ኣካላት, መሕጻር, መመሊሱ, መመልከቲ, መመልከቲ ጽሑፍ, መመሓደሪ, መመሪጹ ገደፈ, መመሸጥ, መመየ, መመገቢ ክፍሊ, መማህርተይ, መማህርቲ, መማሰዊ, መማጕትቲ, መምሃሪ, መምህር, መምህር ስፖርት, መምርሒ, መምዘኒ, መምዘኒ ሓሳባት, መሞቒ, መረሃጺ, መረቐ, መረቕ, መረብረቢ, መረተ, መረዘ, መረድኢ, መረድኢ ኣቕረበ, መረጋገሲ, መረጋገጺ, መረጸ, መረጺን ዓይኒ, መሪር, መራሒ, መራሕ መኪና, መራሕ ነፋሪት, መራብሒ ሓሰማ, መራብሒ ደርሁ, መራት, መራኸቢ, መራኽብ ውግእ, መሬት, መሬት ለክዐ, መርሃባ, መርሐ, መርሓባ, መርሖ, መርመረ, መርማሪ, መርማሪ ሕሳብ, መርሳ, መርበብ, መርትዖ, መርትያ ኣቕረበ, መርኣያ, መርከበኛ, መርከብ, መርዓ, መርዓት, መርዓት ዓይኒ, መርዓዊ, መርዘን, መርዚ, መርዛም, መርገም, መርገጽ እግሪ, መርፍእ, መርፍእ ወረቐት, መሮር, መሰለ, መሰሉ ሓተተ, መሰል, መሰል ረኸበ, መሰል ድምጺ, መሰልከዊ, መሰልከዪ, መሰሎ, መሰማዕታ, መሰረተ, መሰረታዊ, መሰረታዊ ሓሳብ, መሰረት, መሰረት ሓሳብ, መሰረት እምነት, መሰረት ዘይብሉ, መሰተ, መሰነይታ, መሰናግለ, መሰንገለ, መሰውኢ, መሰየ, መሰጋገሪ, መሳልል, መሳር ህቲ, መሳርሒ, መሳርሒ ኣቕሓ, መሳርሒ ጽሕፈት, መሳርሕቲ, መሳርያዊ ሙዚቃ, መሳኹት ኣፍንጫ, መሳፍንቲ, መስሓቒ, መስሓቒ ዘረባ, መስሓቒ ገበረ, መስሓቕ, መስመራት, መስመር, መስመር ሓንጸጸ, መስመስ ኣበለ, መስማር, መስረተ, መስርሕ ሂወት, መስርዕ, መስቀላዊ መንገዲ, መስቀል, መስቀል ስእሊ, መስቀል ክዳውንቲ, መስበርቲ, መስተ, መስተንክር, መስተዋድድ, መስተው ዓሊ, መስተውዓሊ, መስተውዓሊት, መስትያት, መስኖ, መስኖወ, መስኣሊ ኣስባስላ, መስኣሊት, መስከረ

ሙሕኹልቲ, ሙቐት, ሙታንቲ, ሙታንታ, ሙዕጉርቲ, ሙዚቀኛ, ሙዚቃ, ሙዚቃዊ, ሙዚቃዊ ምርኢት, ሙዚቃዊ ጸወታ, ሙዝ

ሚሊ ሜተር, ሚልዮን, ሚሰልቶ ተኽሊ, ሚስተር, ሚስዝ, ሚስዮናዊ, ሚስዮን, ሚነራል, ሚኒስተር, ሚኒስተርያ, ሚእቲ, ሚእቲ ኪሎ, ሚእቲ ዓመት, ሚእታዊ, ሚኪና, ሚዛን, ሚዛን ገንዘብ, ሚያዝያ

ማህረምቲ, ማህሴት, ማህደረ, ማለት, ማልመላታ, ማልያ, ማሐወ, ማሕለፍያ, ማሕላ, ማሕረስ, ማሕረሻ, ማሕስእ, ማሕበራዊ, ማሕበር, ማሕበር ሃይማኖት, ማሕበር ንግዲ, ማሕበር ንግድ, ማሕበር ዓያዮ, ማሕበር ዕዮ, ማሕቡስ, ማሕተም, ማሕታ, ማሕዩር, ማሕደር ወረቓቕቲ, ማሕድሮ, ማሕጎዳ, ማሕጸን, ማሕፉዳ, ማምህር, ማረኸ, ማሪት, ማርመላታ, ማርሞት, ማርተሎ, ማርኾት, ማስከራ, ማስየ, ማሸላ, ማሺን ጋን, ማናበሪ ዕዮ, ማንም, ማንም ሰብ, ማንቲለ, ማንቲለ በረኻ, ማንታ, ማንካ, ማንካ ነዳቓይ, ማእለማ, ማእለያ ዘይብሉ, ማእምር, ማእምን, ማእረረ, ማእሰርቲ, ማእከላይ, ማእከላይ ቍጽሪ, ማእከላይ ደረጃ, ማእከል, ማኪና, ማኪና ማሕረስ, ማኪና ጽህፈት, ማኪና ጽዕነት, ማዓር, ማዓር ኣከበ, ማዓንጣ, ማዕረ, ማዕረ ማዕረ, ማዕረ ዕድመ, ማዕርነት, ማዕበለ, ማዕበላዊ, ማዕበል, ማዕተብ, ማዕከን, ማዕከን ወረ, ማዕዳ, ማዕድን, ማዕዶ, ማዕጺድ, ማዕጾ, ማያዊ, ማይ, ማይ ሃረመ, ማይ ቤት, ማይ ብሑቕ, ማይ ኣይሂ, ማይ ዘየሕልፍ, ማይ ዘይኣትዎ, ማይ ጨባ, ማይል, ማይክሮስኮፕ, ማይክሮብ, ማግለታት, ማግነት, ማፋ, ማፕ

ሜለ, ሜላ, ሜላ ውግእ, ሜስ, ሜተር, ሜትር, ሜዳ

ም ቝላዐ, ም ዝቡል, ምሁር, ምህለላ, ምህላው, ምህራም, ምህራስ, ምህሮ, ምህቃን, ምህዋኸ, ምህዞ, ምህዳም, ምሉእ, ምሉእ ልቢ, ምሉእ ሓሳብ, ምሉእ ስምምዕ, ምሉእ ብምሉእ, ምሉእ ዕድመ, ምሉእ ዘይኰነ, ምላሽ, ምላሽ ሃበ, ምላቍ ዘረባ, ምላቝ, ምልላይ, ምልማስ, ምልኣት, ምልኣት ጉባኤ, ምልኩዕ, ምልኪ, ምልክታ, ምልክት, ምልክት መጠንቀቒ, ምልክት ገበረ, ምልዋጥ, ምልዋጥ መገዲ, ምልዋጥ ስፍራ, ምልውዋጥ, ምልዕዓል, ምሑር, ምሓዝ, ምሕላን, ምሕላፍ, ምሕምባሰ, ምሕምባስ, ምሕረት, ምሕራቕ, ምሕራይ, ምሕርናኽ, ምሕቃቐ, ምሕቃቕ መግቢ, ምሕባር, ምሕባጥ, ምሕታት, ምሕኩልቲ, ምሕዋስ, ምሕዋይ, ምሕዝነት, ምሕዝና, ምሕደር ወረቐት, ምሕዳስ, ምሕጋዝ, ምሕጫጭ, ምሕጻብ ነብሲ, ምሕጻብ ኣካላት, ምሕጻብ ክዳን, ምምሃር, ምምላስ, ምምልካት, ምምሓር, ምምሕያሽ, ምምሕዳር, ምምሕዳር ከተማ, ምምራቕ, ምምራት, ምምራዝ, ምምራጽ, ምምሳል, ምምስሳል, ምምስጋን, ምምቃል, ምምብሃቝ, ምምዕራይ, ምምዕርራይ ኣቑሑ, ምምዝዛን, ምምጻእ, ምሩቕ, ምሩኽ, ምሩኽ ምዃን, ምሩጽ, ምሪት, ምራኽ, ምር ኡይ, ምርመራ, ምርመራ ሓለፈ, ምርምር, ምርቓ, ምርባሕ, ምርኢት, ምርኣይ, ምርኩስ, ምርኮ, ምርኻብ, ምርዅስ, ምርዋ, ምርዕዊ, ምርዕዊ ሰብኣይ, ምርዕው, ምርዕውቲ, ምርዳእ, ምርጋእ, ምርግጋጽ, ምርጫ, ምርጻም, ምሳህ, ምሳሕ, ምሳኻ እተፈትረ, ምስ, ምስሉይ, ምስሊ, ምስላ, ምስላይ, ምስላጥ, ምስላፍ, ምስልካይ, ምስሓቕ, ምስማዕ, ምስምማዕ, ምስምስ, ምስራዕ, ምስሳን, ምስባል, ምስቲር, ምስትላም, ምስትብሃል, ምስትው ዓል, ምስትውዓል, ምስንባት, ምስንዳእ, ምስክር, ምስክር ብቕዓት, ምስክርነት, ምስዓም, ምስዳድ, ምስዳድ ጥንሲ, ምስጋር, ምስጋና, ምስጓም, ምስጓጕ, ምስጢራዊ, ምስጢር, ምስጢር ኣካፊለ, ምስጢር ዚሕዝ, ምስፋር, ምስፍሕፋሕ, ምሸት, ምሹእ, ምሹእ ኵነታት, ምሹእናብራ, ምሽሙሽ, ምሽቓል, ምሽባር, ምሽባር መንፈስ, ምሽናንወንጌሳዊ, ምሽካት, ምሽፋን, ምሽፋጥ, ምቁር, ምቁያቕ, ምቃል, ምቅልቃል, ምቅርራብ, ምቅዋም, ምቑጽጻር, ምቓ ኣበየ, ምቕሉል, ምቕልቃል, ምቕልጣፍ, ምቕማጥ, ምቕስቃስ, ምቕባል, ምቕባጽ ተስፋ, ምቕዳም, ምቝጻር ህዝቢ, ምብህራር, ምብላጽ, ምብልሻው, ምብልሻው መልክዕ, ምብልሻው ስራሕ, ምብሕጓጕ መሬት, ምብራቅ, ምብራቓዊ, ምብራቕ, ምብርዓን, ምብስጫው, ምብጋስ, ምብጣሕ, ምብጻሕ, ምብጻቕ, ምታር, ምትሃት

ሞላ, ሞሎቐ, ሞራል, ሞሳ, ሞተ, ሞተር, ሞት, ሞቶ, ሞቶር, ሞያ, ሞያ ሃበ, ሞያዊ, ሞያዊ መጽሓፍ, ሞደል, ሞደሻ, ሞገስ, ሞጉዚት, ሞጎስ

ረሃቦ, ረሃጸ, ረሃጽ, ረሓቐ, ረመጽ, ረምታ, ረሰዐ, ረሳሕ, ረሳሕ ሰፈር, ረሳን, ረስኒ, ረስዐ, ረሸነ, ረቂቕ, ረቝሐ, ረበበ, ረቡዕ, ረብሃ, ረብሐ, ረብሓ, ረብሓ ዘለዎ, ረብሓ ዚህብ, ረብረበ, ረብሻ, ረትዐ, ረኣምራታዊ, ረኣየ, ረከበ, ረክላም, ረኸበ, ረኸቦ, ረኺቡ ኣምጽአ, ረኽበ, ረዀሰ, ረዅሲ, ረዚን, ረዲአት, ረዲኤት, ረዳኢ, ረድ, ረድአ, ረድአት, ረድእ, ረጂመንት, ረገመ, ረገጸ, ረጉድ, ረጊጹ ጨፍለቐ, ረግሐ, ረግረግ, ረጎደ, ረጕድ, ረጕድ በትሪ, ረጥረጠ, ረፈደ, ረፋዕ, ረፑብሊክ

ሩር በለ, ሩዝ, ሩግኦ, ሩፑብሊክ

ሪሲ, ሪሾ, ሪቕ, ሪቦን, ሪታብሊክ, ሪካማ, ሪይቶ

ራህዋ, ራሕ ርሐ, ራሕርሐ, ራሕሲ, ራሕቂ, ራረወ, ራብዓይ, ራብዓይ ክፍሊ, ራእይ, ራዕዲ, ራዕዲ ፈጠረ, ራይስ, ራዲዮ, ራድዮ

ሬሳ, ሬድዮ

ርሀጽ, ርሑስ, ርሑቕ, ርሒብ, ርሕሩሕ, ርሕራሐ, ርሕራሐ ዘይብሉ, ርሕቀት, ርሕቕ ኢሉ, ርሱን, ርሳስ, ርሳዐ, ርስሓት, ርስቲ, ርሻን, ርቡዕ ኩርናዕ, ርቡዕ ኵርናዕ, ርቡጽ, ርባ, ርባሕ, ርባዕ, ርብዒ, ርትዓዊ, ርኡይ, ርኣዩኒ በሃሊ, ርእሰ መደበር, ርእሰ ማል, ርእሰ ማልነት, ርእሰ ምል, ርእሱ, ርእሱ ኣድነነ, ርእሱ ዚኽእል, ርእሱ ዜልዕል, ርእሱ ዝደኸሞ, ርእሲ, ርእሲ ሓሳብ, ርእሲ ምድሪ, ርእሲ ቈረጸ, ርእሲ ከተማ, ርእስኻ, ርእየት, ርእይቶ, ርእይቶ ሃበ, ርከሳ, ርክብ, ርኹስ, ርኽሰት ዝመሎ, ርኽክብ, ርዝን ዝበለ, ርጉም, ርጉእ, ርጉጻዊ, ርጉጽ, ርግመት, ርግቢ, ርግቢት, ርግኣት, ርግጸኛ, ርግጻዊ, ርግጽ, ርግጽነት, ርጡብ, ርጥረጣ, ርፍራፍ, ርፍታት

ሮማዲ, ሮቡዕ, ሮብራ, ሮከት, ሮዝመሪ

ሰ ፊሕ, ሰሃሮ, ሰለ, ሰለል, ሰለል በለ, ሰለመ, ሰለም ምባል, ሰለም ኣበለ, ሰለስተ, ሰለስተ መኣዝን, ሰለስተ ሳዕ, ሰለስተ ዕጽፊ, ሰለዀ, ሰለዚ, ሰለየ, ሰለጠሉ, ሰለጣ, ሰለጦ, ሰለፍ, ሰሉስ, ሰላላ መዓልቲ, ሰላሕ ጕልድም, ሰላማዊ, ሰላማዊ ሰልፊ, ሰላም, ሰላምታ, ሰላምታ ሃበ, ሰላምታ ኢድ, ሰላሳ, ሰላዪ, ሰሌዳ, ሰሌዳ ምልክት, ሰሌዳ ሰዓታት, ሰልከየ, ሰልከዮ, ሰልዲ, ሰልፊ, ሰልፊ ወተሃደራት, ሰሓለ, ሰሓቐ, ሰሓበ, ሰሓተ, ሰመረ, ሰመዐ, ሰሙናዊ, ሰሙን, ሰማንያ, ሰማእት, ሰማዒ, ሰማያ, ሰማያት, ሰማያዊ, ሰማያዊ ሕብሪ, ሰማይ, ሰሜናዊ, ሰሜን, ሰምዐ, ሰረረ, ሰረቐ, ሰረተ, ሰረት, ሰረዘ, ሰረየ, ሰረገላ, ሰረጸ, ሰሪቑ ረኣየ, ሰሪቘ ሰምዐ, ሰራሕ መስኮት, ሰራሕ መግቢ, ሰራሕ ሰዓት, ሰራሕ ሳእኒ, ሰራሕ ብሩር, ሰራሕ ቱቦ ማይ, ሰራሕ ናሕሲ, ሰራሕ ወርቂ, ሰራሕ ገዛ, ሰራሕተኛ, ሰራሕተኛታት, ሰራቂት, ሰራቒ, ሰራዉር, ሰራዊት, ሰራዊት ባሕሪ, ሰራዊት ውግእ, ሰራውር, ሰርሐ, ሰርሰረ, ሰርነግ, ሰርኖ, ሰርከስ, ሰርወ, ሰርዐ, ሰርገንቲ, ሰሰነ, ሰሰው በለ, ሰቐለ, ሰቓይ, ሰበ ስልጣን, ሰበረ, ሰበባ, ሰበኸ, ሰበኸ ሳግም, ሰበኻ, ሰበይቱ ዝመተቶ, ሰበይቲ, ሰበይቲ ሃጸይ, ሰበይቲ ወዲ, ሰባም, ሰባበረ, ሰባት, ሰባኺ, ሰባይ, ሰብ, ሰብ ሓዳር, ሰብ ሰረቐ, ሰብ ሰርሖ, ሰብኣዊ, ሰብኣያ ዝሞታ, ሰብኣይ, ሰብኣይ ሓብትኻ, ሰብኣይ ጓሉ, ሰብኣይን ሰበይትን, ሰብዓ, ሰተረ, ሰተየ, ሰታሪት, ሰታይ ቀለም, ሰነ, ሰነ ስርዓት, ሰነ ፍልጠት, ሰነፈ, ሰነፍ, ሰኑይ, ሰኑፍ, ሰናፍጭ, ሰንሰለት, ሰንሶር, ሰንቀጠ, ሰንበት, ሰንበደ, ሰንባዲ, ሰንቲ ሜተረ, ሰንከልከል በለ, ሰንከተ, ሰንካቲ, ሰንካቲት, ሰንኮፍ, ሰንደልደል በለ, ሰንደቕ ዕላማ, ሰንደወ, ሰንጠቐ, ሰንጢ, ሰንጣቒት መስመር, ሰኣለ, ሰኣሊ, ሰኣነ, ሰከንድ, ሰካውት, ሰኵዐ, ሰኸም, ሰኹለለ, ሰኽራም, ሰወረ, ሰዉራ, ሰዉነት, ሰዉአ, ሰዋሪ, ሰው ኣበለ, ሰዓለ, ሰዓል, ሰዓመ, ሰዓረ, ሰዓበ, ሰዓቢ, ሰዓት, ሰዓት መንደቕ, ሰዓት ኢድ, ሰዓት ዚሕሉ, ሰዓት ደወል, ሰየፈ, ሰይቲ ሓወቦ, ሰይቲ ኣኮ, ሰይቲ ወዲ, ሰይጣናዊ, ሰይጣን, ሰይፊ, ሰደቓ, ሰደደ, ሰዳዳይ, ሰዴኖ, ሰገረ, ሰገባ, ሰገን, ሰገደ, ሰጋእ በለ, ሰጋእታ, ሰጋጥ, ሰጐመ, ሰጐደ, ሰጐጐ

ሱር, ሱቕ ኣበለ, ሱፍ

ሲረና, ሲሶ, ሲነማ, ሲኦል

ሳህልሀ, ሳላጣ, ሳልሳይ, ሳልሳይ ክፍሊ, ሳሓቕ, ሳሓቲ, ሳሕቲ, ሳሙና, ሳምቡቕ, ሳሬት, ሳርማ, ሳርዲን, ሳብና, ሳቦራቶሪ, ሳንቡእ, ሳንቲም, ሳንኮሎ, ሳንዱቅ, ሳንዱቕ, ሳንጀ, ሳንጣ, ሳኣላይ, ሳእኒ, ሳእኒ ለበሰ, ሳኽራም, ሳዒሪ, ሳዓዕ, ሳዕሪ, ሳዕሪ ምብላዕ, ሳዕሪ በልዐ, ሳዕሰዐ, ሳዕስዐ, ሳዕስዒት, ሳዕቤን, ሳየንስ, ሳየንቲስት, ሳጓ, ሳጹን, ሳጹን ሬሳ, ሳፌት, ሳፒስ

ሴባ, ሴዳ, ሴፍ

ስለ, ስለ ምንታይ, ስለ-, ስለላ, ስለምንታይ, ስለስ ኵርናዕ, ስለዚ, ስሉስ ኩርናዕ, ስሉጥ, ስላሴ, ስላዕ, ስልማታዊ, ስልማት, ስልማት ሃበ, ስልማት ክሳድ, ስልኩይ, ስልኪ, ስልጡን, ስልጣኔ, ስልጣን, ስልጣን ሃበ, ስሓ, ስሓቕ, ስሕለት, ስሕተት, ስሕታን, ስሕግታ, ስመረ, ስመየ, ስሙ ዝሰወረ, ስሙር, ስሙይ, ስሚ, ስሚንቶ, ስማእት, ስም, ስም ኣቦ, ስምምዕ, ስምረት, ስምባደ, ስምባድ, ስምብራት, ስምዒ, ስምዒታዊ, ስምዒት, ስምዒት ሓዘን, ስምዒት ኣለዓዓለ, ስምዒት ዘለዎ, ስምዕታ, ስረ, ስረ ወሽጢ, ስረ ውሽጢ, ስሩዕ, ስራሓ ዘይብሉ, ስራሕ, ስራሕ ሃበ, ስራሕ ምሓዝ, ስራሕ ኣእተወ, ስራሕ ዝበዝሖ, ስራሕ ገደፈ, ስራቒ, ስር በለ, ስርቂ, ስርናይ, ስርኖ, ስርዓት, ስርዓት መመረቕታ, ስርዓት ባላባት, ስርዓት ኣምልኾ, ስርዓት ኣትሓዘ, ስሱዕ, ስሳ, ስስዐ, ስስዕቲ, ስቓይ, ስቕለት, ስበይቲ ሓው, ስቡሕ, ስባር, ስብሒ, ስብሒ ሓሰማ, ስብከት, ስተፕረ, ስቱር, ስቱኛ, ስታርታዊ, ስታቲስቲክስ, ስታድዩም, ስትረት, ስነ ሓሳብ, ስነ ስርዓት, ስነ ኣትክልቲ, ስነ ኣየር, ስነ እንስሳ, ስነ ጥዕና, ስነ ጽሑፋ, ስኑፍ, ስኒ, ስኒ ሓርማዝ, ስኒት, ስንስላ, ስንቀ, ስንቂ, ስንባደ, ስንባድ, ስንብታ, ስንከልከል በለ, ስንኩሌ, ስንኩል, ስንዳእ, ስንጥሮ, ስንጭሮ, ስንፍና, ስእሊ, ስእሊ ጆግራፍ, ስእሊ ጸልማት, ስእነት, ስኩፍ, ስኪዐት, ስክፍታ, ስኮላስቲካዊ, ስኽፍታ, ስዉር, ስዉር ነገር, ስዋ, ስዋስዉ, ስዋን, ስውአ, ስዑር, ስዕመት, ስዕረት, ስየ, ስይጣን, ስደተኛ, ስደት, ስደደ, ስዱድ, ስዲ, ስዲ ንባብ, ስድ ንባብ, ስድራ, ስድራ ቤት, ስድነት, ስገም, ስገደ, ስጉምቲ, ስጉርፍኦ, ስጋ, ስጋ ሓሰማ, ስጋ በጊዕ, ስጋ ብዕራይ, ስጋ ከብቲ, ስጋቂ, ስጋት, ስጋዊ, ስጌኣት, ስግር, ስግር ባሕሪ, ስግት በለ, ስግንጢር, ስግንጢር ነገር, ስግኣት, ስግጥ ምባል, ስግጥ በለ, ስጒምቲ, ስጕምቲ, ስፈር ኣዕዋፍ, ስፋይ, ስፋይት ማኪና, ስፌት, ስፍሒ, ስፍሒ መሮት, ስፍሓት, ስፍሓትን ውርድን, ስፍሪ, ስፍራ, ስፍራ ለወጠ, ስፍራ ሓዘ, ስፍራ ማኪናታት, ስፍየት ክዳን, ስፐናቺ, ስፒሎ, ስፒናቺ, ስፖርት

ሶርኖ, ሶስዮሎጂ, ሶፋ

ሸለል በሃሊ, ሸለል በለ, ሸለል በሎ, ሸለልታ, ሸለልትነት, ሸለመ, ሸሓኒ, ሸሓጠ, ሸሓጢ, ሸመተ, ሸመታ, ሸምገለ, ሸሞንተ, ሸራ, ሸሮኽ, ሸቀጠ, ሸቃላይ, ሸቃጣይ, ሸቅታ, ሸቐልቀል, ሸቐጥ, ሸበበ, ሸበድበድ ዚብል, ሸበጥ, ሸተተ, ሸተት በለ, ሸተኸበተኽ, ሸተኽበተኽ, ሸትሕትሖ, ሸነነ, ሸነኽ, ሸናዕ በለ, ሸንከረ, ሸንኬሎ, ሸንድሐ, ሸኸለ, ሸኻ, ሸኽሚ, ሸኾና እግሪ, ሸዀና, ሸውሃት, ሸውዓተ, ሸየመ, ሸየጠ, ሸየጠን ዓደገን, ሸያጢት, ሸያጣይ, ሸያጥ ስጋ, ሸያጥ ዕንባባ, ሸገ, ሸጐረ, ሸጠ, ሸፈተ, ሸፈነ, ሸፈጠ, ሸፈጥ, ሸፋሽፍቲ ዓይኒ, ሸፋጢ

ሹም, ሹም ኣሕዋት, ሹም ዓዲ, ሹራብ ኢድ, ሹድሽተ, ሹጋማኖ


ሻሂ, ሻላ ምባል, ሻላ በለ, ሻል, ሻሙናይ ክፍሊ, ሻምበል, ሻምብቆ, ሻምፕዮን, ሻራ, ሻራ ዘይብሉ, ሻርባ, ሻቘጠ, ሻቡዓይ ክፍሊ, ሻብዓይ, ሻብዓይቲ, ሻኳ, ሻኻ, ሻዱሻይ ክፍሊ, ሻድሻይ

ሽላ, ሽላ በለ, ሽልማት, ሽሓኒ, ሽሕ, ሽሕ ሚልዩን, ሽሕ እኳ, ሽሕራዊ, ሽመል, ሽመት, ሽማግለ, ሽማግሌታት, ሽም, ሽም ኣቦ, ሽምዋህበ, ሽምዓ, ሽምጠጣ, ሽምጢ, ሽሩፍ ገንዘብ, ሽራብ እግሪ, ሽራጥ, ሽርባ, ሽርካ, ሽርክነት, ሽርፈተ, ሽሮፍ, ሽበት, ሽቡር, ሽብር, ሽቱ, ሽታ, ሽታ ፈረንጂ, ሽቶ, ሽቶል, ሽንቅጥ, ሽንቲ, ሽንቲ ቤት, ሽንካር, ሽከታ, ሽክና, ሽክና ርእሲ, ሽኮር, ሽዋሕዋሕ በለ, ሽዋሕዋሕ ኣበለ, ሽው በለ, ሽዑ, ሽዑሽዑ, ሽዓ, ሽየነ, ሽዱሽተ, ሽጉር, ሽጉርቲ ቀይሕ, ሽጉርቲ ቐይሕ, ሽጉርቲ ጻዕዳ, ሽጉጥ, ሽጋራ, ሽጋር, ሽግ, ሽግር, ሽግርግር, ሽጎማኖ, ሽጐረ, ሽጕጥ, ሽፈነ, ሽፉን ነገር, ሽፍታ, ሽፍታ ባሕሪ, ሽፍትነት

ሾመ, ሾብዓተ

ቀሃመ, ቀለም, ቀለቤት, ቀለብ, ቀለወ, ቀለጠ, ቀሊል, ቀሊል ነገር, ቀላሚጦስ, ቀላያዊ, ቀላይ, ቀልቡ, ቀልብ ጠፍኦ, ቀልቲ, ቀልዐ, ቀልዕ, ቀልጠፈ, ቀመማት, ቀመም, ቀመሰ, ቀሚስ, ቀሚሽ, ቀም ምባል, ቀም ኣበለ, ቀም ዘበለ ሰብ, ቀምሰለ, ቀምሽ ውሽጢ, ቀምቀመ, ቀምቃሚ, ቀምቃም ጸጕሪ, ቀረመ, ቀረበ, ቀረባ, ቀረባ እዋን, ቀረንቀራ, ቀረዐ, ቀረጸ, ቀረጽ, ቀረፈ, ቀሩብ, ቀራጺ, ቀርቀረ, ቀርኒ, ቀርደደ, ቀሰመ, ቀሰይ በለ, ቀስ, ቀስቀሰ, ቀስተ, ቀስተ ደመና, ቀስቲ, ቀሸም, ቀሺ, ቀቐየ, ቀበረ, ቀበጸ, ቀብሪ, ቀብራዊ, ቀብአ, ቀተለ, ቀታሊ, ቀታል ሰብ, ቀናአ, ቀናእ, ቀንዐ, ቀንዲ, ቀንዲ ሓሳብ, ቀንዲ መግቢ, ቀንዲ ተዋሳኢ, ቀንዲ ተዋሳኢት, ቀንዲ ነገር, ቀንዴል, ቀንጠመንጢ, ቀንጠሰ, ቀንጠበ, ቀንጠወ, ቀንጠጠ, ቀወመ, ቀዋሚ, ቀውዐ, ቀውዒ, ቀውዒ ወዘተ, ቀውዓይ, ቀዘፈ, ቀየረ, ቀየደ, ቀያየረ, ቀይሐ, ቀይሕ, ቀይሕ ሱር, ቀይሕ ጸጉሩ, ቀይቃይ, ቀይዲ ማኪና, ቀደመ, ቀደሰ, ቀደደ, ቀዳመ ሰንበት, ቀዳሚነት, ቀዳማይ, ቀዳማይ ሕክምና, ቀዳማይ ሚኒስተር, ቀዳማይ ክፍሊ, ቀዳም, ቀዳምነት, ቀድሐ, ቀጠልያ, ቀጠፊ, ቀጢን, ቀጢን መገዲ, ቀጢን ድምጺ, ቀጢን ገመድ, ቀጣፊ, ቀጥቀጠ, ቀጥቃጥ ሓጺን, ቀጥታ, ቀጥታ ባቡር, ቀጥዒ, ቀጪን ምውጫጭ, ቀጸለ, ቀጺሉ, ቀጻሊ, ቀጽሪ, ቀጽሪ ዩኒቨርሲቲ, ቀጽዐ, ቀፊር

ቁልቁለት, ቁልፊ, ቁመት, ቁም ነገር, ቁምጣ ስረ, ቁሩብ, ቁሩብ ክፉት, ቁራስ, ቁራጽ, ቁርሲ, ቁርባን, ቁስሊ, ቁኒን, ቁጠዓ, ቁጻር, ቁጽሪ

ቂምታ, ቂጫ

ቃለ ጉባኦ, ቃሉ ሃበ, ቃል, ቃል ምስክር, ቃል ኑዛዜ, ቃል ንቓል, ቃል ኣጋንኖ, ቃልሲ, ቃልቃል በለ, ቃልዕ ቦታ, ቃራና, ቃራየ ጉርጉማ, ቃሬዛ, ቃቅረ, ቃነየ, ቃኒን, ቃና, ቃና ዘይብሉ, ቃንዛ, ቃንጥሻ, ቃድራ, ቃጭል, ቃጽዖ መሬት, ቃፍላይ


ቅሁም, ቅለት, ቅሉዕ, ቅሊ, ቅላጥ, ቅላጥ ዕንጨይቲ, ቅላጥ ገረብ, ቅልስ, ቅልቅል በለ, ቅልዋ, ቅልጡፍ, ቅልጡፍ ባቡር, ቅልጣፈ, ቅልጥፍና, ቅልጽም, ቅሙጥ, ቅሙጥ ጜኝዤብ, ቅምጽ በለ, ቅረባ, ቅሩብ, ቅራፍ, ቅራፍ ባኒ, ቅር በሎ, ቅርሕንቲ, ቅርርብ, ቅርሱስ, ቅርሳሰ, ቅርቅረ ዑፍ, ቅርኒብ ሓሸራ, ቅርኒብ እኽሊ, ቅርኒብ ዓይኒ, ቅርዓት, ቅርጫት, ቅርጺ, ቅርጺ ስርሒ, ቅርጺ ኣካለት, ቅርጺ እንቋቒሖ, ቅርጺ ገበረ, ቅርፍቲ, ቅሰይ ኢሉ, ቅሱን, ቅሳነተ, ቅሳነት, ቅቡል, ቅቡጽ ተስፋ, ቅብሊት, ቅብኢ, ቅብኣት, ቅብጥሮት, ቅብጸተ ተስፋ, ቅትለት, ቅትለት ሰብ, ቅኑዕ, ቅኑዕ ምዃን, ቅኑዕ ሰብ, ቅኑዕ ኣንደበት, ቅኑዕግልጺ, ቅኒት, ቅናት, ቅናት ምድሪ, ቅኔ, ቅንኢ, ቅንዕና, ቅንዲ, ቅንጣብ, ቅንፊ, ቅንፍዝ, ቅዉም ሓሳብ, ቅያር, ቅዱሳት ጽሑፋት, ቅዱስ, ቅዱስ ሰብ, ቅዱስ ቦት, ቅዱስ ነገር, ቅዲ, ቅዲ ሞዳ, ቅዲ ኸዳን, ቅዳሕ, ቅዳሕ ገበረ, ቅዳሴ, ቅድሚ, ቅድሚ እዚ-, ቅድሚ እድሚኡ, ቅድሚ ኹሉ, ቅድሚ ገዛ, ቅድሚት, ቅድሚአ-, ቅድሚኡ ዝነበረ, ቅድም, ቅድም እተገብረ, ቅድም ዘይተረአ, ቅድምያ, ቅድድም, ቅጣፊ, ቅጥራን, ቅጥኒ, ቅጥዒ, ቅጥዒ ዘይብሉ, ቅጥዒ ዘይብኡ, ቅጥፈት, ቅጫ, ቅጫ ሽኮር, ቅጭኔ, ቅጺ, ቅጽል, ቅጽበት, ቅጽዓት, ቅጽጽ ዝበለ

ቆልዓ, ቆመ, ቆረሰ, ቆራሪ, ቆራጽ, ቆራጽ ዕንጸይቲ, ቆርበት, ቆርበት ዘይተመልጠ, ቆቕሕ, ቆቢዕ, ቆቢዕ ከቢብ, ቆቢዕ ወታሃደር, ቆብ ኣበለ, ቆትቋጥ, ቆንስል, ቆጠበ, ቆጥቆጠ, ቆጸረ, ቆጸራ, ቆጻሪ, ቆጽሊ, ቆፎ, ቆፎ ንህቢ

ቈለበ, ቈለፈ, ቈልዓ, ቈልዓ ኣዕበየ, ቈመ, ቈማት, ቈረጸ, ቈራረጸ, ቈራሪ, ቈራጽ, ቈርማድ, ቈርበት, ቈርባበሻ, ቈርጠመ, ቈርጠጠ, ቈትቅቋጥ, ቈነነ, ቈንቈነ, ቈንጆ, ቈንጠረ, ቈዘመ, ቈየቛ, ቈይቍ, ቈጠበ, ቈጣቢ, ቈጥቋጥ, ቈጸረ, ቈጸራ, ቈጸራ ዜኽብር, ቈጸየ, ቈጽሊ, ቈጽሊ ወረቐት

ቍሊሕ በለ, ቍልቍለት, ቍልዒ, ቍልዕነት, ቍልፊ, ቍመት, ቍማል, ቍሩብ, ቍሪ, ቍራስ, ቍራዕ, ቍራጽ, ቍራጽ ጸጕሪ, ቍርሲ, ቍርባን, ቍርጺ, ቍርጽራጽ, ቍሱል, ቍስሊ, ቍሸት, ቍሽት, ቍንቍኛ, ቍንጁና, ቍንጪ, ቍዝማ, ቍጡዕ, ቍጥዓ, ቍጻር, ቍጽሪ, ቍጽጽር

ቐሌጠፈ, ቐቐወ, ቐደም, ቐድሐ, ቐጥታዊ, ቐጽዐ


ቓንዛዊ, ቓጭል


ቕርኒብ ዓይኒ, ቕንዓዊ, ቕንዕና



በሃገ, በሃጊ, በለ, በለስ, በለየ, በለጥ በለ, በለጸ, በሊሕ, በሊሕ ነገር, በሊሕ ኣእምሮ, በልዐ, በረረ, በረኻ, በረድ, በረድ ኰነ, በሪ, በራሕ, በራኽ, በራድ, በርሀ, በርሚል, በርቂ, በርቃሕ ጸሓይ, በርቅን ነጐዳን, በርበረ, በርበረ ጸሊም, በርቱዕ ስምዕት, በርከተ, በርጌስ, በሰለ, በሰላ, በስበሰ, በቃቕ, በቑሑ, በቕሊ, በቕሺሽ, በቕዐ, በቖለ, በቘለ, በበይኑ ፈለየ, በበይኖም, በብሓደ ምሻፕ, በብመዓልቲ, በብሰሙን, በብቑሩብ, በብእዋኑ, በብዓይነቱ, በብጊዜኡ, በብግዜኡ ዚኸውን, በብጭራም, በብጽሒቶም ሃበ, በተነ, በቲ — ግዜ, በታተነ, በት ማእሰርቲ, በት ኣፋውሰ, በት ዝበለ, በትሪ, በትሪ ኣርቃይ, በነነ, በናጅር, በንቆሮ, በንዚን, በእግሪ ኸደ, በኸየ, በዅሪ, በዅሪ ጽሑፍ, በዅዐ, በዓለገ, በዓለገ ሰብ, በዓል, በዓል መከራ, በዓል መዚ, በዓል ሞሳ, በዓል ስልጣን, በዓል ቤታ, በዓል ቤት, በዓል ዝና, በዓል ድኳን, በዓል ገበረ, በዓል ጥምቀት, በዓል ጸባ, በዓልቲ ቤቱ, በዓልቲ ቤት, በዓልቲ ድኳን, በዓልቲ ጸባ, በዓቲ, በዓገለ, በዚ, በዝሐ, በዝበዘ, በየን ወገን, በይኑ, በይንካ ምዃን, በይንኻ ምዃን, በደለ, በደለኛ, በደላ, በደላዊ, በደል, በዲዶ, በዳሊ, በድኒ, በጀ, በጀኻ, በጅባጅ, በገና, በጊዕ, በጣጥሽ, በጥ በለ, በጥ ኣበለ, በጥሐ, በጦሎኒ, በጻሒ, በጽ ሐ, በጽሀ, በጽሂ, በጽሐ, በጽሒ, በጽበጸ, በጽባጺ

ቡምባ, ቡርጋ, ቡስጣ, ቡስጣ ቤት, ቡሽ, ቡቕቡቕ, ቡናዊ, ቡን, ቡንጣዝ

ቢልዩን, ቢልያርድ, ቢልዮን, ቢሑቕ, ቢራ, ቢርራ, ቢሮክራሲ, ቢስኩት, ቢስኮቲ, ቢቸ, ቢንቶ, ቢጫ

ባህለት, ባህሊ, ባህረረ, ባህሪ, ባህርያዊ, ባህታ, ባህጊ, ባሊና, ባሌና, ባልሀ, ባልኮን, ባልዕ, ባልደንጓ, ባልጃ, ባልገ, ባልጠጂ, ባሎንኌ, ባሕረኛ, ባሕሪ, ባሕራዊ, ባሕታዊ, ባሕጨረ, ባምቡላ, ባረኸ, ባሩድ, ባርነት, ባርነጣ, ባርናስ, ባርኖስ, ባርዕ, ባርያ, ባርያ ገበረ, ባሮሜተር, ባስታ, ባቡር, ባቡር ቀላይ, ባቡር ውግእ, ባብር, ባብር ምድሪ, ባብር ቀላይ, ባተሪ, ባኒ, ባናና, ባንከኛ, ባንክ, ባንኮ, ባንደራ, ባኞ, ባእሲ, ባእበአ, ባእዳዊ, ባኮ, ባኮ ቡስጣ, ባኮ ገበረ, ባዒሉ, ባዕለን, ባዕሉ, ባዕላ, ባዕልና, ባዕልኹም, ባዕልኺ, ባዕልኻ, ባዕልኽን, ባዕሎም, ባዕዲ, ባዘሊኮ, ባዛር, ባዜቃ, ባዝራ, ባዩሎጂ, ባይሲክል, ባይታ, ባይቶ, ባይቶ ሃገር, ባይቶ መንግስቲ, ባዮሎጂ, ባደላ, ባደሳ, ባዴላ, ባዶ, ባዶ ስፍራ, ባጀላ, ባጀት, ባጎኒ

ቤላ-ቤለው, ቤተ, ቤተ ሕጽቦ, ቤተ መቕደስ, ቤተ መዘከር, ቤተ ማሕቡስ, ቤተ ማሕተም, ቤተ ሰባዊ, ቤተ ሰብ, ቤተ ብልዒ, ቤተ ትምህርቲ, ቤተ ንባብ, ቤተ ክህነት, ቤተ ክርስቲያን, ቤተ ዕዮ, ቤተ ጸሎት, ቤተ ጽሕፈት, ቤተ ፍርዲ, ቤት, ቤት ሕክምና, ቤት መስተ, ቤት መንግስቲ, ቤት መዝገብ, ቤት መግቢ, ቤት መጻሕፍቲ, ቤት ማሕተም, ቤት ማእሰርቲ, ቤት ንጉስ, ቤት ወግዒ, ቤት ዘኽታማት, ቤት ጸሎት, ቤት ጽሕፈት, ቤት ጽሕፈት ቆንስል, ቤት ፍርዲ, ቤዚል

, , , ብ — ተናበረ, ብ- ዝቘመ, ብሂል, ብሂግባእ, ብሃም, ብሃንደበት, ብህሊት, ብህዝቢ ጽሉእ, ብህይወቱ, ብህድኣት, ብሉይ ኪዳን, ብሉጽ, ብላዕ, ብላይ, ብላይ ጨርቂ, ብልሂ, ብልህነት, ብልሒ ሴፍ, ብልሒ ካራ, ብልሒ ዘይብሉ, ብልሓተኛ, ብልሓት, ብልሓት ዕይ, ብልሓት ዝመልኦ, ብልማድ እተገብረ, ብልሽዊ, ብልቢ, ብልክዕ, ብልዒ, ብልዒ እንስሳ, ብልዕቲ, ብልጫ, ብልጭ በለ, ብልጭልጭ, ብልጭልጭ በለ, ብልጹግ, ብሑት, ብሓለንጊ ገረፈ, ብሓሳብ ጸንዐ, ብሓሳብ ጽኑዕ, ብሓቂ, ብሓባር, ብሓንሳእ, ብሓንቲ ለይቲ, ብሓይሊ, ብሓይሊ ተጋሰሰ, ብሓደጋ, ብሓጐስ ተቐበለ, ብሓጺሩ, ብሓፈሻ, ብሕልፊ, ብሕቡእ, ብሕታዊ, ብሕትና, ብሕትውና, ብሕንጻጻት ዜረድእ ስእሊ, ብመርከብ, ብመርከብ ገየሸ, ብመሰረት, ብመቐዝ ቈረጸ, ብመብረድ ጸረበ, ብመንግስቲ ተወስደ, ብመጀመርትኡ, ብመጋረዲ ከልከለ, ብመጠኑ, ብመፍትሕ ዓጸወ, ብማእከል, ብማኪና ምጽሓፍ, ብማኪና ጸሓፈ, ብምሉኡ, ብምሉእ ልቢ, ብምልምላም, ብምርኣይ, ብምቾት, ብምእራግ መሽመሸ, ብምኽንያት-, ብምውቱ እተወልደ, ብምድናቕ, ብምግራም, ብምጭዳር ተቓወመ, ብረታዊ, ብረት, ብሩህ, ብሩህ ሕብሪ, ብሩህ ገጹ, ብሩህ ገጽ, ብሩር, ብሩር ዝተቀብአ, ብራሃን, ብራሽ, ብራና, ብርሃን ዓይኒ, ብርሃን ዘሕልፍ, ብርሃን ጸሓይ, ብርሓን, ብርስን, ብርቂ, ብርቱኻን, ብርቱዕ, ብርቱዕ ነገር, ብርቱዕ ንፋስ, ብርቱዕ ድምጺ, ብርታዐ, ብርእሱ ዚሓድር, ብርእስኻ ምሕዳር, ብርኩት, ብርኪ, ብርክት ዝበለ, ብርዒ, ብርጁዋ, ብርጅዋ, ብርግጽ, ብርጭቆ, ብርጭቕ, ብሮንዞ, ብሱል, ብሱል ስጋ, ብሱፍ እተገበረ, ብስለት, ብስላሕታ, ብስሩዕነት, ብስራሕ እተታሕዘ, ብስርዓት, ብስእሊ ገለጸ, ብስዉር, ብስጣ, ብሻሽ ጀነነ, ብሽርክነት, ብሽክለታ, ብቂም ዚገብር, ብቐሊሉ, ብቐሊል, ብቐሊል ዚቝጣዕ, ብቐስ, ብቐንጠመንጢ ኣዕገርገረ, ብቐጥ, ብቑልጡፍ, ብቑኑዕ, ብቑዕ, ብቑዕ ኰነ, ብቓል, ብቕልጡፍ, ብቕንዕና, ብቕዓት, ብቕድሙ, ብቕድሚ, ብቕጽበት, ብቝጥዓ ጨደረ, ብባቡር, ብብላሽ, ብብዚሒ, ብብዝሒ ቐተለ, ብቦስጣ, ብተለፎን ጸውዐ, ብተንኰል, ብተይ, ብታህዋኽ በጽሐ, ብታህዋኽ ተወሳወሰ, ብታሕጓስ, ብታሕጓስ ተቐበለ, ብቴለፎን ጸውዐ, ብትሕቲ, ብትርፊ ግዜ, ብትብዓት, ብትእዛዝ, ብትኽክል, ብቺግለታ, ብንዕቀት ኣላገጸ, ብኖራ ለቕለቐ, ብኡብኡ, ብኡንቡኡ, ብኢድ, ብኢድ እተጻሕፈ, ብኢድ ዳህሰሰ, ብኣጋ, ብኣጋር, ብኣጋባብ, ብኣጋጣሚ, ብኣጋጣሚ ዝዀነ, ብኣጻብዑ ደረዘ, ብኣፍ, ብኣፍ እናተነግረ ዚሰሓፍ, ብኣፍ እናነገረ, ብእተገብረሉ ዜመስግን, ብእግሪ, ብእግሪ ተዛወረ, ብእግሪ ዚኽይድ, ብኩራት, ብኮላ ኣጣበቐ, ብኵራት, ብኸምኡ, ብኸምኡ ሃበ, ብኸብረትካ, ብኹለን ትናኡ, ብኹለንትናኡ, ብኹሉ ነገሩ, ብኹሉኹሉ

ቦምባ, ቦምባ ከቢድ ብረት, ቦምብ, ቦርሳ, ቦስጠኛ, ቦስጣ ሳጹን, ቦስጣ ቤት, ቦታ, ቦታ ቀየረ, ቦት, ቦኹሪ, ቦኽዐ, ቦኾረ, ቦዘኔ, ቦጦሎኒ

ቪላ, ቪታሚን, ቪዛ

ቫዞ, ቫዮሊን, ቫጎኒ

ቭንቲላቶረ, ቭዮሊን

ተሃቂኹ ጐየየ, ተሃንጠየ, ተሃወኸ, ተሃዳኒ, ተሃድሶ, ተሃጋገዘ, ተለማመነ, ተለማመደ, ተለማመጸ, ተለማማዲ, ተለስኮፕ, ተለቀሐ, ተለቃሒ, ተለቅሐ, ተለብደ, ተለቪዝዮን, ተለቭጅን, ተለወ, ተለዋወጠ, ተለዋጢ, ተለዓለ, ተለግራም, ተለግራም ለኣኸ, ተለፎን, ተሊሽ, ተላመደ, ተላቐቐ, ተላበወ, ተላብዐ, ተላዘበ, ተላገበ, ተላገጸ, ተላጋቢ ሕማም, ተላግዐ, ተላጸየ, ተሌፎን, ተልመደን, ተልምደን, ተሎ, ተሓላለኸ, ተሓምበበ, ተሓርመ, ተሓስመ, ተሓበረ, ተሓበሰ, ተሓበነ, ተሓባበረ, ተሓንቀ, ተሓካሚ, ተሓወሰ, ተሓዋወሰ, ተሓዝ ሕሳብ, ተሓዝ ገንዘብ, ተሓየረ, ተሓደሰ, ተሓጋገዘ, ተሓጎሰ, ተሓጐሰ, ተሓጸበ, ተሓጸየ, ተሓጽረ, ተሓጽበ, ተመ ልሰሉ, ተመ ኻኸሩ, ተመሃረ, ተመሃራይ, ተመለሰ, ተመላለሰ, ተመላሽ, ተመልሰ, ተመልሶ, ተመልከተ, ተመሓየሸ, ተመሪቐ, ተመራሒ, ተመራስሐ, ተመርኮሰ, ተመርዓወ, ተመሳሳሊ ምኳን, ተመሳቐለ, ተመስጦ, ተመሻጠረ, ተመባጸዐ, ተመባጽዐ, ተመባጽዓ, ተመነዎ, ተመነየ, ተመናዪ, ተመን, ተመክሀ, ተመክሮ, ተመዛዚ, ተመዛዚ ከብሒ, ተመዝገበ, ተመያየጠ, ተመገበ, ተማሃሪት, ተማሃራይ, ተማህለለ, ተማህረ, ተማልአ, ተማሕጸነ, ተማረኸ, ተማኸረ, ተማጐተ, ተምሪ, ተምሳል, ተምሳጥ, ተምበርከኸ, ተሞከረ, ተረስዐ, ተረቝሐ, ተረተ, ተረት, ተረከሰ, ተረካብ ዘረባ, ተረድአ, ተረጱዛ, ተረፈ, ተረፍ, ተረፍ መረፍ, ተረፍ መግቢ, ተሪር, ተሪፈ, ተራ, ተራንስቶርት, ተራእየ, ተራኸበ, ተራኺ, ተራኺት, ተራገመ, ተራጸመ, ተር ምባል, ተር ዝበለ, ተርሞመተር, ተርሞሜተር, ተርብዐ, ተርተረ, ተርታ, ተርጎመ, ተርጐመ, ተርጓሚ, ተሰሓቢ, ተሰማምዐ, ተሰማምዑ, ተሰማምዖ, ተሰምዖ, ተሰሪዑ, ተሰሪዕካ ምጽባይ, ተሰርዑ, ተሰባሪ, ተሰባበረ, ተሰከመ, ተሰወረ, ተሰወአ, ተሰደ, ተሰገደ, ተሰፋ ገበረ, ተሳቐየ, ተሳተፈ, ተሳነየ, ተሳዓረ, ተሳዓፈ, ተሳዕረ, ተሳገረ, ተስሚ, ተስዓ, ተስፋ, ተስፋ ቆረጸ, ተስፋ ቘረጸ, ተስፋ ኣልቦነት, ተስፋ ኣቝረጸ, ተስፋ ዘለዎ, ተስፋ ዝቖረጸ, ተስፋ ዝቘረጸ, ተሸርበ, ተሸበረ, ተሸከመ, ተሸካሚ, ተሸገረ, ተሻመወ, ተሻቐለ, ተሻየጠ, ተቐልቀለ, ተቐመጠ, ተቐማጢ, ተቐማጢት, ተቐማጪ, ተቐርቀረ, ተቐበለ, ተቐባሊት ኣጋይሽ, ተቐባላይ, ተቐባል ኣጋይሽ, ተቐባል ጋሻ, ተቐናቐነ, ተቐናይ, ተቐንዘወ, ተቐየመ, ተቐያያሪ, ተቐዳደመ

ቱሪስት, ቱቦ, ቱፉህ, ቱፋህ, ቱፋሕ, ቱፋሕ ገረብ

ቲምብር, ቲቢ, ቲከት, ቲከት መምለሲ, ቲከት መኸዲ, ቲኽቲኽ ኣበሎ

ታህዋኸ, ታህዋኽ, ታሕሳስ, ታሕቲ, ታሕታይ, ታሕታይ ወገን, ታሕጓስ, ታረኸ, ታሪኽ, ታሽዓይ, ታሽዓይ ክፍሊ, ታኒካ, ታንክ, ታእዋጅ, ታኪን, ታክሲ, ታኮ, ታዕሊም, ታዕታዕ

ቴምብር, ቴንዳ

ትሁት, ትህቲ, ትህኪት, ትሑት, ትሑት ቃና, ትሕቲ, ትሕቲ ምድሪ, ትሕቲ ናሕሲ, ትሕቲ ኹሉ, ትሕትና, ትሕትና ኣርኣየ, ትሕትና ዘለዎ, ትሕዝቶ, ትሕዳ, ትሕጀ, ትሕጃ, ትማሊ, ትም በለ, ትም ዝበለ, ትምህርቲ, ትምህርቲ ሃይማኖት, ትምህርቲ ሕሳብ, ትምህርቲ ሕክምና, ትምህርቲ ሕጊ, ትምህርቲ መለኮት, ትምባኾ, ትምቲሞ, ትምኒት, ትምክሕቲ, ትረት, ትሩፍ, ትሪኮላታ, ትራም, ትራክተር, ትራውት ዓሳ, ትራይ እግሩ, ትራጀዲ, ትራጀዳዊ, ትራፊክ, ትርብዒት, ትርብዕ በለ, ትርኢት, ትርኩስ, ትርጉም, ትርጉም ሓሳብ, ትርግታ ልቢ, ትርፊ, ትርፊ ረኸበ, ትርፍራፍ, ትሽዓተ, ትቕመጠሉ ቦታ, ትብዓት, ትንሓግ, ትንሳአ, ትንሳኤ, ትንቁቕ, ትንቢት, ትንባኾ, ትንተና, ትንካፈ, ትንፋስ, ትንፋስ ኣህለቐ, ትኣምር, ትኣደበ, ትእዛዝ, ትእዛዝ ተቓወመ, ትእዛዝ ፈጸመ, ትእዛዝ ፈጸም, ትኩር, ትኩዝ, ትኪ, ትካል, ትካል ማሕበር, ትኵር, ትኸክል, ትኹል ሕንጻጽ, ትኹል ጉንዲ, ትኽ ዝበለ, ትኽሎ, ትኽስ በለ, ትኽትኽታ, ትኽክል ምዃን, ትኽክል ነገር, ትዃን, ትውልዲ, ትዕቢተኛ, ትዕቢት, ትዕኑን, ትዕዝብቲ, ትዕግስቲ, ትዝ በሎ, ትዝታ, ትያትር, ትዮሪ, ትጉህ, ትጋጨወ, ትግሃት, ትፋእ

ቶባ, ቶን, ቶኖ ዓሳ

ቸመንቶ, ቸሪ ገረብ, ቸክ, ቸኮላታ


ችርኔራ, ችንቲ

ነሃረ, ነሃሲ, ነሓሰ, ነሓሲ, ነስነሰ, ነቀወ, ነቅሐ, ነቐለ, ነቐዝ, ነቐጸ, ነቐፈ, ነቐፋ, ነቑሐ, ነቒሕካ ምሕላው, ነቓዕ, ነቓጽ, ነቕሐ, ነቕነቐ, ነቕዐ, ነቕጺ, ነቘተ, ነበልባል, ነበረ, ነበር, ነበበ, ነቢት, ነቢይ, ነባረ, ነባሪ, ነባሪ ነገር, ነባሮ, ነብሐ, ነብሒ, ነብሪ, ነብሲ, ነብስኻ, ነብነበ, ነብዐ, ነብዪ, ነተጐ, ነቲሕ, ነታጕ, ነቶገ, ነንበይኑ, ነንበይኑ ዀነ, ነንበይኖም, ነኣሰ, ነኣደ, ነከየ, ነኳል, ነኸሰ, ነኽአ, ነዃል, ነዊሕ, ነዊሕ ልብሲ, ነዊሕ ሳእኒ, ነዊሕ ስጕምቲ, ነዊሕ ካልሲ, ነዊሕ ዚጸንሕ, ነዊሕ ግዜ, ነዊሕ ጠረጴዛ, ነዊሕ ጸናሒ, ነውሪ, ነውሪ ዘይፈልጥ, ነውሪ ገበረ, ነውራም, ነውነወ, ነውጺ, ነዓቀ, ነዓቐ, ነዓቒ, ነዝሐ, ነዝነዘ, ነዝዐ, ነይናይ, ነደለ, ነደረ, ነደቐ, ነደየ, ነደደ, ነደፈ, ነዳቓይ, ነዳይ, ነዳዲ, ነድሐ, ነድሪ, ነድሪ ጉርጉማ, ነድአ, ነገረ, ነገር, ነገር ንዋት, ነገር ደለየ, ነገሰ, ነገደ, ነገድ, ነገፈ, ነጋሪት, ነጋዳይ, ነግሒ, ነግራም, ነግስ ወከፍ, ነግዲ, ነጎደ, ነጎዳ, ነጐዳ, ነጐድጓድ, ነጕዲ, ነጠረ, ነጠበ, ነጥቢ, ነጥቢ ሓዘ, ነጸለ, ነጸላ, ነጸረ, ነጸብራቕ, ነጸየ, ነጸገ, ነጻ, ነጻ ዝወጸ, ነጻነት, ነጽነጸ, ነፈረ, ነፈሰ, ነፈየ, ነፋሒቶ, ነፋሪት, ነፋግ, ነፍሐ, ነፍሲ, ነፍስ ወከፍ

ኑዛዘ, ኑዛዜ


ናህሪ, ናላ, ናሕሲ, ናሕሲ ዝሰርሕ, ናስትሮ, ናበየ, ናበይ, ናብ, ናብ — ተጸግዐ, ናብ ውሽጢ-, ናብራ, ናብዚ, ናተን, ናተይ, ናቱ, ናታ, ናትና, ናትኩም, ናትኪ, ናትካ, ናትካ ኰነ, ናትክን, ናቶም, ናእዳ, ናውቲ ውግእ, ናውቲ ዕዮ, ናዒቢ, ናዕቢ, ናዕቢ ኣተንስአ, ናይ, ናይ ሃገር, ናይ ህዝቢ, ናይ ህይወት, ናይ ለይቲ, ናይ ልቢ, ናይ ሎሚ, ናይ ሓሶት, ናይ ሓቂ, ናይ ሓባር, ናይ ሕርሻ ገዛ, ናይ ሕውነት, ናይ ሕጂ, ናይ ሕጊ, ናይ ሕጻን, ናይ መሃምራን, ናይ መቕጽዒ, ናይ መን, ናይ መንግስቲ, ናይ መወዳእታ, ናይ መዘጋጃ ቤተ, ናይ ምርኣይ, ናይ ምሸት, ናይ ምፍዋስ, ናይ ርስተኛ, ናይ ሰብ, ናይ ሳየንስ, ናይ ስራሕ ክእለት, ናይ ስኒ, ናይ ቀረባ, ናይ ቀውዒ, ናይ ቀደም, ናይ ቍጽሪ, ናይ በረኻ, ናይ በይንኻ, ናይ በደል, ናይ ባህሊ, ናይ ባላባት, ናይ ባሕሪ, ናይ ባዕሉ, ናይ ቤት, ናይ ብሕቲ, ናይ ቦታ, ናይ ተክኒክ, ናይ ተፈጥሮ, ናይ ነገድ, ናይ ንጉሆ, ናይ ንጽህና, ናይ ኢድ, ናይ ኣምላኽ, ናይ ኣእምሮ, ናይ ኣካል, ናይ ኣደ, ናይ ኣፍ, ናይ ኣፍንጫ, ናይ እወ, ናይ ከተማ, ናይ ኩሉ, ናይ ኩሎም, ናይ ክረምቲ, ናይ ክቢ, ናይ ክብሪ, ናይ ወርሒ, ናይ ዓለም, ናይ ዓሌት, ናይ ዓይኒ, ናይ ዓዲ, ናይ ዘለኣለም, ናይ ዘረባ, ናይ ደገ, ናይ ድያብሎስ, ናይ ግዜ, ናይ ግዲ, ናይ ግዳም, ናይ ጥንቲ, ናይ ጭውነት, ናይ ጽሓይ, ናይሎን, ናግራም ኰነ, ናጻ, ናጻ ሃገር, ናጽላ, ናጽነት, ናፈቐ, ናፍቖት

ኔው ከደ

, ን-, ንህቢ, ንላዕሊ, ንሓንሳብ, ንሓደ ነገር, ንሓድሕድ, ንመን, ንማሕረስ, ንምርኣዩ, ንምስምማዕ ዘተየ, ንምስምዑ ግናይ, ንምንታይ, ንሰማይ, ንሰራሕተኛ, ንሰብ ዚሓስብ, ንሱ, ንሳ, ንሳተን, ንስሓ, ንስሪ, ንስኹም, ንስኺ, ንስኻ, ንስኽን, ንሻን, ንሽም ዚኸውን, ንቑሕ, ንቑጽ, ንቑጽ ሳዕሪ, ንቕሎ, ንቕሓት, ንቕድሚት, ንቕድሚት ኣምረሐ, ንቕድሚት ዚደፍእ, ንቕድም, ንቕድም ምድፋእ, ንቘጽ, ንቝሕ, ንበይኑ, ንበይኑ ዓይነት, ንቡር, ንባብ, ንብሕቶ, ንብረት, ንብዓት, ንብጻዩ ዚሓሊ, ንታሕቲ, ንኑው, ንኡስ, ንኡስ ሰረዝ, ንኡድ, ንኣና, ንኣኤን, ንኣኦም, ንኣይ, ንእስነት, ንእሽተይ, ንእሽተይ ሰልዳ, ንእሽቶ, ንእሽቶ ሆተል, ንእሽቶ መጽወር ማይ, ንእሽቶ ማንክ, ንእሽቶ ምሳር, ንእሽቶ ቀላይ, ንእሽቶ ነገር, ንእሽቶ ግራት, ንእሽቶ ጽሑፍ, ንእሽቶይ ነገር, ንእሽቶይ ዉሒጅ, ንእዋኑ, ንኹሉ ግዜ, ንኹሱ ሳዕ, ንወጻኢ, ንዉሓት, ንዋት, ንዋይ, ንው ልቁ, ንውልቁ, ንውሓት, ንውሓት ግዜ, ንውግእ, ንዑቕ, ንዓኡ, ንዓኣ, ንዕልቲ, ንዕቀት, ንዘለኣለም, ንያት, ንደገ, ንዴት, ንድህ, ንድሕሪት, ንድሕሪት መለሰ, ንድፊ, ንድፊ ሕጊ, ንድፊ ዕዮ, ንድፋዊ ምስሊ, ንጉሆ, ንጉሰ ነገስት, ንጉሳዊ, ንጉሳዊ ኣገዛዝኣ, ንጉስ, ንጉዕ, ንግሆ, ንግስተ ነገስት, ንግስቲ, ንግስነት, ንግስንት, ንግደት, ንግዲ, ንግዳም, ንግዳዊ, ንግድ, ንጡፍ, ንጣር, ንጣብ, ንጣብ ርስሓት, ንጥዕና ዚጐድእ, ንጥፈት, ንጹህ, ንጹር, ንጻል, ንጻግ, ንጽህ, ንጽህና, ንጽህናን ኣከዳድናን, ንጽል, ንጽጎ ማይ, ንፉዕ, ንፋሪት, ንፋስ, ንፋስ ገበረ, ንፋጥ, ንፍረት, ንፍዮ



አማሓደርቲ, አማሓዳሪ, አማሓዳሪት, አብዚ እዋን'ዚ, አግዚኣብሄር ኣምላኽ, አጻብዕቲ ኢድ, አጻብዕቲ እግሪ

ኡቴገ, ኡንቺነቶ, ኡንዱስትሪ, ኡንዱስትሪያዋ, ኡንፍልወንዛ, ኡይ በለ, ኡዱ ሃበ, ኡድ, ኡጣልያዊ, ኡፍ በለ, ኡፎይታ

ኢምቢ በለ, ኢምፐርያሊስት, ኢምፐርያሊዝም, ኢተሰርሐ, ኢተገምጠለ, ኢታይ, ኢንስቲቱሽን, ኢንስቲቱት, ኢንሹራንስ, ኢንተ, ኢንች, ኢንዱስትሪ, ኢንዳ, ኢኩብ ሰብ, ኢኹል, ኢደ ጥበብ, ኢዱ ኣወዛወዘ, ኢድ, ኢድ ነስአ, ኢድራውሊኮ

ኣሃብተመ, ኣሃዝ, ኣሃዱ, ኣሃዱ ምድማጽ, ኣሃዳዊ, ኣህተፍተፈ, ኣህደአ, ኣህድአ, ኣህጸረ, ኣለለየ, ኣለመ, ኣለምለመ, ኣለስለሰ, ኣለቀሐ, ኣለቅሐ, ኣለኸ, ኣለዎ, ኣለዓለ, ኣለዓዓለ, ኣለየ, ኣሉ ምባል, ኣሉ በለ, ኣሉታ, ኣላለየ, ኣላመደ, ኣላማይ, ኣላይ ሕሙማት, ኣላይት ሕሙማት, ኣላገበ, ኣላገጸ, ኣላግዐ, ኣልሓመ, ኣልመሰ, ኣልመደ, ኣልመጻ, ኣልማናክ, ኣልማዝ, ኣልሰር, ኣልቀሰ, ኣልበሰ, ኣልቡም, ኣልቦ, ኣልካል, ኣልኮል, ኣልዓለ, ኣልያሉ ገመተ, ኣልገሰ, ኣልጫ, ኣሎ, ኣሐንቀቐ, ኣሐደሰ, ኣሓደሰ, ኣሓጐሰ, ኣሕለኽለኸ, ኣሕለፈ, ኣሕሊፉ ሃበ, ኣሕሊፍካ ምሃብ, ኣሕመመ, ኣሕመቐ, ኣሕምልቲ, ኣሕረረ, ኣሕረቐ, ኣሕሸኹሸኸ, ኣሕቀቐ, ኣሕበረ, ኣሕቲሙ ዘርግሐ, ኣሕወየ, ኣሕደረ, ኣሕደገ, ኣሕጸረ, ኣመሃዳሪ, ኣመለኛ, ኣመል, ኣመልከተ, ኣመልክዐ, ኣመሓለፈ, ኣመሓላለፈ, ኣመሓየሸ, ኣመሓየሽ, ኣመሓደረ, ኣመሓዳሪ, ኣመሓዳድራ, ኣመሓዳድራ ገንዘብ, ኣመመ, ኣመራርሓ, ኣመራስሐ, ኣመርዓወ, ኣመሰገነ, ኣመስለ, ኣመስገነ, ኣመስጋኒ, ኣመቓርሐ, ኣመተ, ኣመት, ኣመነ, ኣመና, ኣመንዝራ, ኣመኽነየ, ኣመዓረየ, ኣመዓራረየ, ኣመዛዘነ, ኣመጋግባ, ኣሚዶ, ኣማ ስሐ, ኣማለደ, ኣማረረ, ኣማኒ, ኣማኸረ, ኣማኸርቲ, ኣማኻሪ, ኣማኻሪት, ኣማዓራረየ, ኣማዕበለ, ኣም ኣካፍአ, ኣምሃረ, ኣምለሰ, ኣምለኸ, ኣምላክ, ኣምላኻዊ, ኣምላኽ, ኣምላኽነት, ኣምልኾ, ኣምሓረ, ኣምሓደረ, ኣምረሐ, ኣምረረ, ኣምረቘ, ኣምሰለ, ኣምሲሉ ገበረ, ኣምበሃቘ, ኣምበርከኸ, ኣምቡላንስ, ኣምባሳደር, ኣምባሳዶር, ኣምነት, ኣምዑት, ኣምጸአ, ኣምጽአ, ኣምጽእ, ኣምፑል, ኣሞ, ኣሞራ, ኣሞቐ, ኣሞተ, ኣሞገሰ, ኣረመ, ኣረመና, ኣረሚን, ኣረማዊ, ኣረማውነት, ኣረሜን, ኣረነ, ኣረከበ, ኣረየ, ኣረድአ, ኣረገ, ኣረጊት, ኣረጊት ኣቕሓ, ኣረጋገጸ, ኣረጋጊጹ ተዛረበ, ኣራብሐ, ኣራንሺ, ኣራንቺ, ኣራኸበ, ኣራዊት, ኣራየ, ኣራያ, ኣራገፈ, ኣርሒቑ ዚሓስብ, ኣርሒቒ ዚርኢ, ኣርሓ, ኣርሓ ደርሆ, ኣርሓቐ, ኣርሓወ, ኣርማድዮ ክሽነ, ኣርሰሐ, ኣርስሐ, ኣርቃይ, ኣርበደ, ኣርባዓ, ኣርባዕተ, ኣርባዕተ መኣዝን, ኣርባዕተ ዅርናዕ, ኣርብዓ, ኣርተሪ, ኣርኣየ, ኣርእስቲ, ኣርእስቲ ዜና, ኣርከሰ, ኣርከበ, ኣርከአ, ኣርኪቡ ቐደመ, ኣርዑት, ኣርዓደ, ኣርግአ, ኣርጐደ, ኣሰለፈ, ኣሰላፊ, ኣሰላፊት, ኣሰማምዐ

ኤለትሪካዊ, ኤለትሪክ, ኤለክትሪክ, ኤምባሲ, ኤንሳይክሎፒድያ, ኤኮኖሚ, ኤኳቶር

እህህ በለ, እሉም, እላማ, እላም, እልል በለ, እልልታ, እመማ, እመቤት, እሙን, እምበኣር, እምበኣርከ, እምበይታይ, እምቢ, እምቢ ምባል, እምቢ በለ, እምቢታ, እምባ, እምባር, እምባጋሮ, እምቤዕ በለ, እምብዛ, እምነ በረድ, እምነተ ደረቕ, እምነት, እምነት ለወጠ, እምነት ኣለወጠ, እምነት ገበረ, እምኒ, እምኒ በረድ, እሩም, እራብ, እርኑብ, እርያ ወይኒ, እርያ ፍረታት, እርጋን, እሱር, እሳር, እሳተ ጎሞራ, እስታዲዩም, እስትራረ, እስትንፋስ, እስካፋለ, እስፓሶላ, እሺ በሃሊ, እሾኽ, እሾኽ ገረብ, እሾዅ, እተሓርየ, እተመራስሐ, እተማህዘ ዛንታ, እተረኽበ ገንዘብ, እተሰናድአ, እተሰከፈ, እተሸገረ, እተሻቐለ, እተቐልወ, እተቐረበ, እተበላሸወ, እተበራበረ, እተባህለ, እተባረረ, እተባርዐ, እተን, እተኣሳሰረ, እተኸፍለ ገንዘብ, እተወለድካሉ ዓዲ, እተወርሰ, እተወሰነ, እተወሰኽ, እተወጠረ, እተዋጽአ, እተዓወተ, እተዓፈነ, እተገልበጠ, እተገተረ, እተጋረደ, እተጠብሰ, እተጨነቐ, እተጻረየ ትርፊ, እተፈልየ, እተፈልጠ, እተፈትወ, እቲ, እታ, እትቕመጦ ቤት, እትበጽሖ ቦታ, እትዋት, እትየ, እቶም, እቶት, እቶን, እናተሓቝነ በኸየ, እናነከየ ከደ, እንሓንሳእ, እንስሳ, እንስሳ ሃድን, እንስሳ በረኻ, እንስሳ ዘቤት, እንቁሮያብ, እንቋቑሖ, እንቋቑሖ ወለደት, እንቋቝሖ ኣንበረት, እንቋዕ ሓጎሰካ በለ, እንቍርዖብ, እንተ ወሓደ, እንተላይ, እንተዀነ, እንተዀነ እውን, እንተዘየሎ, እንተዘይ, እንተዘይኮነ, እንተዘይኰነ, እንታ, እንታይ, እንኮ, እንደና ረኸበ, እንደገና, እንደገና ሓዘ, እንደገና መጸ, እንደገና ተንሰአ, እንደገና ኣንበበ, እንደገና ወረደ, እንደገና ወደቐ, እንደገና ደየበ, እንደገና ጀመረ, እንዳ, እንዳ ስጋ ሓሰማ, እንዳ ባኒ, እንዳ ኢኖ, እንዳ ኣባጊዕ, እንዳ ኣፍራስ, እንዳ ደወል, እንዳ ዶልሺ, እንዳ ገንዘብ,