“I can count in… English and Tigrinya”

This is a children’s book dedicated to teaching English and Tigrinya numbers.

The authors just contacted me by email so I have little-more information about the book, but it seems cute and fitting for kids; a lot more friendly then the (never-ending) counting drills/exercises that I had to do as a child. I still remember those drills…

Teacher: ‘Hade!’
Me: ‘…Hade’
Teacher: ‘Killite!’
Me: ‘…Killite’


If you want more information they have a website where you can order the book. Cheers.

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The top ten search queries for መስከረም 2010

1 vocabulary
2 experience
3 relationship
4 dumb
5 in
6 cousin
7 true
8 risk
9 great
10 hello

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10 min sketch

Above picture copyright belongs to nican45

Top Left: My quick sketch. Centre: The original by Stephen Wiltshire

I tried to quickly draw a sketch of London’s St Pancras Station by Stephen Wiltshire (from his 1987 book ‘Drawings‘).

With my drawings, like all my hobbies, I do have a vague goal in mind, but it’s never anything more concrete then ‘needs more improvement.’ And, for me, ‘improvement’ means not how well/accurate/detailed/representative/etc I can draw, but how quickly I can make well/accurate/detailed/representative drawings.  To accomplish this task I’ve made a few strict rules to follow when doing these sketches.

1. Sketch drawings/images you think are cool.

2. Don’t spend too long on your drawings (~15 minutes is good for me).

Rule #1 keeps me interested in this hobby, while rule #2 keeps me from loosing focus of my main goal -which is to make quick improvement, not to chase ‘perfection;’ I find that these rules take a lot of self-pressure off of me. While I enjoy sketching portraits I have serious trouble drawing landscapes, which is why I chose to start sketching Stephen Wiltshire’s stuff. This man is awesome at drawing architecture and cityscapes. Everyone says that if you want to draw the human figure, you should study da Vinci’s sketches; I’m starting to think the same way about Wiltshire for drawing landscapes.

Either way my sketch is the one on the old index card (I have little pride in my work), but it came out….okay…right? Please don’t answer that…

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Two linguists talk about language…

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The top ten search queries for ነሓሰ 2010

1 go
2 love
3 peace
4 up
5 mother
6 up
7 there
8 hip
9 buddy
10 miss
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Ice Cream tease…

Poor guy just wanted some ice cream, but got an entertaining show instead.

*PS – I’m having some technical difficulties so please bear with me…

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Sharing is caring…

Lame title; but it’s true!

I added a new AddThis button to all blog posts (see it down below?) and dictionary terms. So, now all you, tech savvy, readers can share any ole post/word by email, facebook or whatever.

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The top ten search queries for ሓምለ 2010

1 through
2 carrot
3 wish
4 child
5 news
6 effect
7 lie
8 next
9 hope
10 wait
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