keepsake stats for 2010

Hey everyone; just like in 2009, here are a few statistics and facts for the entire website collected in the year of 2010:

Total visits: 39,961
Absolute unique visitors: 21,181
Average page views per visit: 6.08
Average time on the site: 0:06:12
Busiest month: November – with 2,236 visits
Quietest month: July – with only 1,667 visits

Top Ten Countries of the visitors:

1. United States 11,104
2. Norway 4,274
3. United Kingdom 4,206
4. Canada 3,488
5. Sweden 2,543
6. Germany 2,247
7. Switzerland 2,185
8. Ethiopia 1,296
9. Saudi Arabia 1,084
10. Israel 1,060
*Notable mention:
17. Eritrea 203

Top ten Google search queries that led to this site:

1. tigrigna dictionary




3. tigrinya dictionary


4. eritrea




6. tigrigna


7. memhr


8. tigrinya phrases


9. english tigrinya online dictionary


10. eritrean news tigrigna


That’s it for 2010; new year, new stats.

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Wikileaks ruins Christmas

The latest leak is up.

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Happy 3rd Birthday

This December marks yet another year for (blog, dictionary and the rest); I can hardly believe that it’s been 3 already. The time seems to fly by…

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The top ten search queries for ሕዳር 2010

1 love
2 good
3 you
4 hello
5 book
6 eat
7 have
8 house
9 water
10 mother

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Eri-blog links

I have amassed quite a collection of Eri-blogs; it would be a shame if people did not read them every now-n-then. The only thing they have in common is that they tend to be personal and are somehow related to Eritrea. A lot of them aren’t even updated regularly, but my rule is to keep their links up as long as they post more then once a year… enjoy.

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November 10, 2010  Tags:   Posted in: Eritrea  One Comment

Tigrinya–English Picture Dictionary

I was browsing the web when I found an excellent new e-book entitled: “Tigrinya – English Picture Dictionary” by

It’s primarily designed for native Tigrigna speakers who want to learn English, but it can work in both directions. Also since it’s a picture dictionary you get to see images of the things/descriptions/actions that are being translated and it’s available free for download. They also provide a page where you can download the individual chapters separately and another one where you can pay them to ship you a book with higher definition.

This is excellent, I recommend all Tigrigna students to take full advantage of this learning resource and also the “My Tigrinya Phrasebook” by Peter A. Crowther.

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The top ten search queries for ጥቅምቲ 2010

1 in
2 hello
3 beautiful
4 I
5 want
6 object
7 happiness
8 boy
9 love
10 spirit

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Counting to ten…revisited

Meet Temesgen; he has made a video demonstrating how to count to ten in Tigrinya. He also has another on how to greet someone in Tigrigna. Thanks Thomas.

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