The top ten search queries for ሕዳር 2011

I’ve been slippin’ with these, so here they are again:

1 love
2 hello
3 good
4 defy
5 go
6 review
7 peace
8 separate
9 be
10 nice
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December 3, 2011  Tags:   Posted in: top ten search queries  No Comments

Happy 4th birthday!

Well it’s December 1st 2011 and you know what that means…

Yes, I mark another year since I started this website/blog. Wow, 4 years in total. I can’t even count the amount of hours I’ve poured into the site (it still looks pretty amateur), nor the amount of money I spend on hosting it (well I suppose I can count that); however I don’t have a single regret.

I suppose I do have regrets, sometimes, but normally that uneasiness comes because I don’t spend even more of my time working on this site. It seems that every week I have some new idea on how I should update or progress, but I never put them into practice. I guess I normally fail at this because I’m neither a programmer, a linguist, nor even a native speaker of Tigrinya . But here I am; into my fourth year of online, amateur, English/Tigrigna lexicography. Crazy.

Oh well. I’ll close this post saying that I hope you’ve enjoyed these past 4 years as much as I have. Later,

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December 1, 2011  Tags: ,   Posted in: website update  3 Comments

Odd fortune…

My fortune cookie seems to be channelling JFK

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November 14, 2011  Tags: ,   Posted in: Miscellaneous  No Comments

I’m not dead!

Hey folks,

I’ve done a few things like updating the forum, but I’m still “taking it easy” with this website. Later,

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September 22, 2011   Posted in: website update  No Comments

Can you do better?

So a few days ago I stumbled onto this quiz.

The game is simple; you need to place all African countries in their correct location and it records how long it takes for you to finish. What you see above is the results of my first try. I think I can do better with a few more attempts, but what really lengthened my time was trying to place really tiny countries (damn you Equatorial Guinea, you look exactly Djibouti!) in their right spot.

So now I ask you, are you better then I?

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April 16, 2011  Tags: ,   Posted in: Africa, Miscellaneous  2 Comments

The top ten search queries for ለካቲት 2011

1 love
2 let
3 hello
4 beautiful
5 glory
6 like
7 work
8 one
9 house
10 dog

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March 5, 2011  Tags:   Posted in: top ten search queries  No Comments

Behind the Crisis: Eritrea’s Struggle To Survive

An interesting PBS documentary about Asmara and Eritrea in general. Enjoy.

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February 1, 2011  Tags: ,   Posted in: Eritrea  No Comments

The top ten search queries for ጥሪ 2011

1 in
2 hello
3 beautiful
4 I
5 want
6 object
7 happiness
8 boy
9 love
10 spirit

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January 31, 2011  Tags:   Posted in: top ten search queries  No Comments