Linguistic diversity; good thing… or the cause of African poverty!!

Heh silly/hyperbolic blog titles aside, this is the rough question that was posed then brutally slapped away by Greg Downey of Neuroanthropology. Check it out. It’s a good, solid and thorough post on the subject of linguistic diversity; one which I don’t think I could paraphrase without missing a couple of huge chunks. However here are a few questions that Greg raised and answered:

  • Linguistic diversity? Liberal conspiracy
  • Does linguistic difference create conflict?
  • Should we care about language extinction?
  • Do people want their local languages to go away?
  • Can we help stop language extinction?
  • I will also use this opportunity to link to two posts about 1. language instruction in Eritrea; and 2. a UNESCO report (June 2010) on why and how Africa should invest in African languages and multilingual education.

    Oh; and it is of my firm opinion that native language preservation does NOT cause poverty.

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    July 26, 2010  Tags: ,   Posted in: Africa, Eritrea, language, Linguistics

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