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I was surfing the internet when I ran into an awesome online dictionary called Wordnik. It is an evolving online English dictionary that was recently launched by its founder Erin McKean.  Long time readers of this blog (I know you’re out there…) might recognize her from the small blog post I made about her TED speech last year.

When I read about this dictionary I really liked a lot of their ideas, like the one about using online resources like twitter for a source of terms and examples which ends up providing interesting, strange and naturally occurring uses of old terms and in novel ways; here is a quote from the Q&A article with Erin McKean:

We love that you included Twitter and Flickr elements. How did you decide on pulling these in? It doesn’t seem to be an immediately intuitive decision, but is so helpful to understanding a word’s use and meaning.

“It’s funny because it’s completely intuitive to dictionary editors. How can we show how a word is really used? The other day I tried to find out if “pants” was being used as a suffix and I found a tweet for “awesomepants.” Twitter is like overhearing people’s conversations, which is exactly what dictionary editors have been wishing we could do for years.”

I decided that readers might benefit from this website, so I included a link to Wordnik’s English definitions in the English – ትግርኛ dictionary section. Now each English word will include a link to that word’s entry in and

For an example, look at the entry of the word: “dictionary

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June 9, 2009  Tags: ,   Posted in: website update