A few more keyboard changes…

There. I think I’ve simplfied the keyboard even more by changing the second keystroke for the 6th/null order (ብ = “bb,” etc…) all to “I” (ብ = “bI,” etc…).

I’m sure most of you don’t care about such a small detail, but I think it will be simpler this way

***Update*** – and I’ve just added punctuation

`, Ge’ez Comma
`; Ge’ez Semicolon
`: Ge’ez Wordspace
`- Ge’ez Preface Colon
`= Ge’ez Colon
`. Ge’ez Full Stop
Ge’ez Paragraph Terminator
`? Ge’ez 3-Dot Question Mark
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March 21, 2009  Tags: ,   Posted in: website update