Wordlist and Spell checking for Amharic and Tigrigna

I was surfing the web when I came across this. An outstanding computer Science student named Biniam Gebremichael has created a Tigrinya spell check program for Open office. His installation instructions are listed here .

He has also collected a massive word list in Tigrinya and Amharic due to the Geez Crawler software that he has adapted from another program.

The Tigrinya word list is about 227,984 words long and is sorted by the number of occurrences. Now, while spell checking can be one good use of this word list, can you think of another?

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May 3, 2008  Tags: , , ,   Posted in: language, Tigrigna

One Response

  1. biruk - July 26, 2008

    i am working on a system that works on ethiopian languages including tigrena.

    i appreciate any help that you may provide to me.