Hillary lives in a glass house…

This is a language website and I hate people who blog about politics, but I just saw this on the BBC

Robed Obama picture ignites row

Barack Obama meeting Kenyan elders in 2006

The photo of Barack Obama was taken during a 2006 trip

US Democratic front-runners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have traded accusations over a photo of Mr Obama circulating on the internet.

The picture, sent to the Drudge Report website, shows Mr Obama wearing traditional African dress during a visit to Kenya in 2006.

The Obama camp said it was circulated by Mrs Clinton’s staff as a smear. Mrs Clinton’s team denied the accusation.

The row comes as the rivals campaign for two crucial primaries next week.

It continues to say:

The photograph shows Mr Obama – whose father came from Kenya – wearing a white turban and a white robe presented to him by elders in the north-east of the country.

Wow, they’re using a random photo of Obama wearing traditional Somali clothing to get at him. That is pretty low. However, it is possible that this was not done by Hillary’s people, but merely by some other anti-Obamaists.

Still, I really don’t think that Hillary Clinton has the high ground on this issue. As, if I can remember correctly, one can easily find photos of Hillary wearing traditional Tigrinya clothing during her 1997 visit to Eritrea.

1997: The First Lady and daughter Chelsea in Eritrea, a stop on an African goodwill tour

1997: The First Lady and daughter Chelsea in Eritrea, a stop on an African goodwill tour

Now, doesn’t she look like an Evil Muslim terrorist?

(Picture retrieved from: Hillary Clinton: A life of firsts)

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4 Responses

  1. Repub in Denver - February 25, 2008

    Before you say the Clinton campaing does not have the high ground, consider what a BAD judgment call by Barak this was. Add it to all the others (belonging to a “Hate Whites” church, his wife stating she’s NEVER been proud of this country…..)

    Do we REALLY want someone like this running our country. Not that I’m a Hillary fan, I just think the whole lot of them should quit and lets get a REAL candidate on the ticket. This is the reason I left (or rather my party left me) in 1978.

    Good luck America.

  2. Guma - March 3, 2008

    Let me give you some in put about the Senator Obama and Senator Hillary wearing East African traditional clothes. Hillary is wearing Tigrian traditional cloth not Tigrina clothe. Tigrina is the language. Tigray is the name of the province in Northern Ethiopia Border to Eritrea. Tigrians are majority orthodox Christian. One of the Christian holy places in the world is found in Tigray Axsum. It is where the Arc of the Covenant is reside. Clothe dose not show religious believes.

    The point we have take from here is that what were they doing when they were wearing those clothes. Senator Obama he was visiting his father side family in Kenya.

    Senator Hillary, she was in Tour Africa. The most important question is why was the First leady of the US
    Went to the terrorist sponsor state. Eritrea is the terrorist training ground in East Africa.

  3. sam - March 16, 2008

    whoever said Eritrea is a terrorist country. go an suck ur mumz dick

  4. ajokiadeye USA - November 22, 2008

    Guma is a lier. Eritrea a peacful country with Christians and muslims living side by side. While in Ethiopia a handful leaders from GUMA’s TIGRAI tribe have destroyed the fabric of the Ethiopian people by commiting acts of genocide. While there may be lots of History in Ethiopia, the current minority LEADERS FROM TIGRAI Northern Ethiopia have done lots of harm to the region. Eritreans were always nice to the Tigrai people and the people that GUMA seems to be talking about have betrayed the peace loving people of Eritrea.
    Senator Hillary Clinton went to Eritrea and met the revolutionary women of Eritrea that play a big role in Eritrean society and she was proud to be there that is why she wrote about it on her book.
    Meanwhile in Tigrai today people are starving and have become the most hated people in Ethiopia and GUMA is bragging about them. Eritrea is far from being a terrorist but it stand with the oppressed people of the region muslim or christian and that is the right thing to do instead of having the current un elected TIGRAI LEADERS of Ethiopia go and terrorize the people of the region. Oh by the way just for the record Ethiopia is majority muslim while Eritrea is equally divided between Christians and Muslims who live in peace and tranquility while maintaining a “SELF RELIANCE” principle unseen any where.
    God bless Senator Hillary and the people of the U.S and Eritrea and may god have mercy on the cursed people of TIGRAI.