Did you get one?

Well, I finally got it; “it” being my XO laptop from One laptop per child. I received the machine 7 hours ago and I have been playing with it non-stop.

I bought the thing on November 12th, but it took a little over two months for it to be delivered (the delay was due to shipping/duty/tax problems for Canadians). But that is not important, because now I have it!

I’ll talk more about it, but I want to work with it a little more before I start judging it’s performance in comparison to other laptops.

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January 16, 2008  Tags: , , ,   Posted in: Miscellaneous

3 Responses

  1. terri - August 3, 2008

    would like to talk more about XO, trying to communicate with Eritrea via XO, need assistance, would appreciate any help. Thanks

  2. Temaharay - August 5, 2008

    Hey Terri

    I’m not too sure what you mean by: “trying to communicate with Eritrea via XO,” Maybe you can elaborate or if you want you can learn more about the XO at OLPC News.

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