Android based English-Tigrinya Dictionary

If you have an Android phone and $20.48, you can have your own Enligsh-Tigrinya Dictionary. The app is designed by Hdri Media who also develop a free Ge’ez text editor for your phone. Here’s a self description

An electronic edition of the printed dictionary: “Advanced English-Tigrinya Dictionary” by Tekie Tesfay.
This is the largest and most comprehensive English-Tigrinya Dictionary available so far. And now you can have it on your mobile devices.

- Over 62 thousand entries.
– Pronunciation guides.
– Parts of speech included.
– Maintain your own list of favorite words.
– Simple and Intuitive interface.
– Very fast and easy on memory

If all is true, it seems well worth the price (to my eyes).

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Polandball is a web-comic made by various reddit authors; basically the idea is that anthropomorphic balls draped in the national colours of each country act out in comedic ways. As it turns out, some have started to publish a few comics including Eritrea. Quite uncharitable, but humorous.


Polandball comicPolandball comic #2




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I’m back!

I managed to remove most of the malicious coding, but I will need to work harder in the future  to be more secure; oy.

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I’ve been hacked!

Thanks to Legesse for informing me. This is my first hack. I really don’t know what to say *wipes tear from my eye* It looks like it happened late night on Jan 31st. My Dictionary site was just redirecting to an outsider’s. I guess this is what I get for using outdated php software. eh?

I’ll try to have everything running smoothly but I have a midterm tomorrow witch needs my immediate attention. I’ll be back. I’ll be back…

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5 years for

5 years, wow. Quite the milestone; eh?

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The true spirit of the Olympics

This has nothing to do with language, but I had to share this photo (by selampeace) of a bus ride with some of Eritrea’s and Ethiopia’s Olympic athletic team.

Olympic Bronze medal winning (and national icon) Zersenay Tadese is to the right.
'Even though our governments don't get along we are one #Habeshas #Ethiopia & #Eritrea #London2012 #NationsLove #Athletics #track & #Field #Runners #fuxwag'

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Read Ge’ez on Android phones

I’m writing this very post using my Samsung SII phone and I’ve discovered something that might help some of you who use any “rooted” Android phone.

Unfortunately my phone didn’t come with the ability to render Ge’ez fonts “out of the box”; so it doesn’t display any Ge’ez letters (ሰላም), just those annoying undefined boxes (⏿⏿⏿). However, there is a way to enable your phone to display Tigrinya properly.

1. Just go to google “Play” (the app market) and download and install the app “font changer“.
2. Download the “GF Zemen Unicode” font.
3. Place the font in your “/sdcard/.fontchanger/” folder.
4. Lastly, start the app and enable the font.

Not a very “user friendly” or simple way to get your phone to display Ge’ez. You first need to own an Android phone, and second need to have it “rooted”; however, if you happened to have these two things done then I’m sure you’d find my above directions to be very easy, indeed.

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Happy New Year

Here comes 2012. New year, new possibilities.

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